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Fat Cow jumper, dies of suicide
July 8, 2010, 3:01 pm
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NZ NEWS: A cow took a suicidal leap off the back of a cattle truck directly in the path of an oncoming vehicle on State Highway 2 near Gisborne yesterday.

Two people in a utility vehicle travelling north near Ormond were not hurt after they hit the cow, that had suddenly jumped from the back of a south-bound cattle truck, landing in front of the ute. The cow was killed.

Senior Sergeant Maui Aben said the driver had no option but to run over top of the cow.

“They were towing a trailer and the ute was thrown to the left of the road but fortunately they were able to correct themselves and get back onto the road,” he said

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I tried and I cried and I tried and I cried… It never works though. I survived Vegas and then detox again. I just broke the four days sober that I had because I thought WHAT THE FUCK FOR ? I dont want to live, and if I have to I would rather do it in obvlion and blackout’s. My B-day is coming up. July 22 1976 is the day the world was messed with me. I started thinking before I started drinking, very clear thoughts of where and how… and why there.

Then I cracked a warm one and slugged it down like a champ, and then another, and another, and another… When I run out, I’ll find more, I always do 😉

I not fat, and I’m not a cow, just a bitch in heat who wants to say fuck it and kick the bucket. I have a good feeling about this time, I’m putting alot of time and effort into my last day, I’m living life like I was dying…

I wont leave a note but I will leave tourmenting and haunting memories and cold sweaty nightmares… even if I fail.

The attempt I have in mind is so drastic and personolized it will probably cause another suicide.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Wish me luck ! The Lubavitcher Rebbe once gave me a brocha… His words were “May you be matzliach in what ever you do” Maybe that will be my last tattoo.

Leah Kleim, writing to you from death row

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Myth: Talking about suicide gives people permission to seriously consider it as a solution to their problems – and even attempt it.
Fact: People flirting with the idea may feel isolated and unloved. Bringing up the subject opens doors and conversations, especially if you listen and are sincerely concerned. If suicide is talked about openly and without judgment, depressed or sad people may feel a connection to life and others.

Myth: Suicidal people want to die.
Fact: They want their pain to end – they don’t necessarily want to die.

Dude* I have seen you happy as can FKN be! Guess What ! ( You were Totally Sober )…

Comment by Therapy Sessions Guy

1. The taste of food when you’re really, really hungry…
2. The feeling of making up with your lover after a nasty fight…
3. Little kids playing stupid games together you watch in the park.
4. The feeling you have when you’ve just finished a great novel.
5. How it feels when the clouds finally break open and it rains on a really hot day…
6. Rollercoasters. Or whatever your amusement park ride is.
7. How great it is to lie on the grass on a summer evening and roll around…
8. Finding your pet waiting at the door for you when you get home from work…

Comment by Therapy Sessions Guy

Little kids playing stupid games together you watch in the park?

Isn’t that illegal?

Comment by Next Factor

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