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BIG DICK Part III ‘Lady Gaga has one?’
November 2, 2009, 1:58 pm
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small dick.

Comment by F.F.B.


Psychosis is a is just one of the many mental illnesses Plaguing this particular he-she or she-he. The Transvestite on the other hand is a totally different story. The true hermaphrodite is unreal meaning unreal ! as in “great”. I have no shame in admitting my participation with a real hermaphrodite. We dated not all that long. We were dating long enough for us to do each other like 20 times. This person in bed was like heaven. Yes it’s true everything works, no fake water guns. To me, that was and will always remain my best sexual experience ever. Not too many guys out there can truly say that they have engaged in sexual participation with a true hermaphrodite.


Thanx for sharing!

Well a hermaphrodite is a guy if it has a dick.

Comment by X Factor

I dont have a dick …. but I got some big fuckin balls !

Comment by Leah Kleim

I am a dick.

Comment by nark

I love dick

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

I had a dick. Not like that!!!, I mean my own, It’s broken.


Broken dicks are useless…hmmmmm ok !


broken dicks are usless !!!

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Hey X Factor : Could I share a little knowledge with you. As of 2009 we currently have, “WE” meaning the world. According to the world Census Bureau. The world as of 2009 has approximately 195,000 true hermaphrodites ( fully functional dual sex organs Vagina & penis )** alive and well today. I should really not use the word WELL, 3/4 of them currently suffer from what’s known as Gender identity disorder it’s actually horrific. The unfortunate people that suffer from this disorder usually commit suicide by 30 years of age. The condition goes hand and hand with its sister illness. Chronic Transsexualism disorder. Google it ! Very interesting topic. Dude I can totally understand. Why would you even go into such heavy reading about the actual subject matter ? I can’t blame you; you probably never had the opportunity. I on the other side of the coin had no choice but to investigate and read up. I was that rare individual that was associated in this “one in a million” relationship..Just so you know ! Only in the U.S and in some parts of the U.K, Israel, it is indeed a strict code of ethics law. The Doctors and local state Government decide in our country on what to cut off and modified, Clitoris made into a penis and vice versa, respectively. “The parents elsewhere in this world consider the offspring a gift as well as an extension from G*D, children are not to be altered. So thus it’s a fantastically common practice and yes it’s
of course perfectly legal accepted and allowed.

I shared this with you, because you sort of made it sound like I had sex with a male. Sounded to me like you were insinuating I was gay or something. I don’t accept it as a gay experience. It’s really general common sense think about it for a minute ! Do you figure it as a gay experience ? See ::: Not Really. We dated a brief time, as I recall like 5 or so months & 20 some odd sexual encounters. The person is now married and currently resides somewhere in the Canary Islands. I would say I’m probably kind of rare with this experience ….I guess….Anyway ! !

How did we get to the subject of lesbians? That is the subject which touches on romantic desire and We were talking true dual sex organs left alone. Someone above commented stating they love dick ? That’s something I could never say, I am a 100% straight 8 guy. Your statement does indeed make total sense. You said a woman knows a woman’s body better than any man possibly ever could, after all females do really get into each other. They know exactly what each other wants down to the tee. It’s basically But then again you say you like dick ? My suggestion is double check on that. Has got to be some males out there, that are just as good as females, just has to be. Check around 🙂 If you’re leaning towards a 3-way kind of thing, the that’s different…. Different subject matter on that one..


Yes a three way thing is the ultimate. I stand by what I wrote about women knowing eachothers bodys… yet you have to find the right one, the one with her guard down not just her panties down, and she can put you in total ectasy… but, if I only had one choice, man or woman, I would save a horse and ride the cowboy ! Im bisexual, I guess, but I do get more satisfaction from a man. 😉

Comment by Leah Kleim

Um Hmm : You write the following,
— but, if I only had one choice, man or woman, I would save a horse and ride the cowboy !– But if it’s a girl you have to catch, Catch the one with her guard down. Total ecstasy, mmmmm, hope you don’t mind my introjection here. You strike me as a total afishionado on the subject of human sexuality as well as erotically knowledgeable. Very interesting. Your description fit. The point you made of the experience you had with that woman ” guard down ” and her husband thing,umm I actually felt your point. The point you make is valid, so valid I actually got a physical reaction just by me reading what you wrote.:)
I would like to continue on this conversation I think much more can be added. By the way, ” just a hunch ” I don’t think your bisexual ! You indeed have had a couple of bisexual experiences with woman, but you describe that dick thing like it’s an uncontrollable craving of some heavy sort. Any Way very erotic ,, Oops:) I meant a very interesting conversation.


Well I’m glad to see you aren’t gay!

Comment by X Factor

It is a gay experience.

Comment by nark

Comment by nark

Im not gay, just dig chicks and dicks but not chicks with dicks

Comment by LEAH KLEIM


Comment by X Factor

I dont have one ! I will tomorrow though 😉

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Glad to hear your not gay ! I ended my comment the exact same way. ” I’m not gay ‘

Done Deal.



You all know nothing! I have been writing and responding on this web page for quite a while now. ::: ” Talk is cheap ” Here is a couple of tips for you Guys and Girls. These tips go out mostly to all the Wanna Be, Lubavitcher community sex pro’s. You people are so full of shit when it comes to sex ! it’s PATHETIC. Read what I wrote and try to learn! and please——” stop the bull-shit stories. ” They are very hard to believe* Coming from the outside I am able to see right through the mental repressed sexual hang-ups your community is plagued with it. I am Jewish by the way, I do not however engage sexually with your community, Well I did once not too long ago, yes I have rated it as one of the worst physical experiences I have ever had. I don’t care to go into it, trust me it was bad. A complete lack of experience from this person. Note: This person proclaims to be a high authoritative figure in the world of Lubavitcher sex frum, ect, the reason for this is your whole community has no business in boasting about SEX. Kabbalistic traditions or not. Plus the fact that you guy’s carry some of the most unattractive physical & sexual features. Heck look at the way your population carries themselves sex appeal? I think not! So please; just stick to religion. Because sex is definitely not your # 1 asset****

Most Men Think That ‘Any Old’
Lick Will Do …WRONG!

This couldn’t be further from the truth! For example:

Do you know the 8 components of a woman’s genitals and how to specifically stimulate each of them?
Do you know what order and how long you should lick and caress each one?
And by using these combination’s, do you know how to give a woman two different types of orgasms at the same time? (And yes, it is possible!)

Let’s face it, while it just seems like it’s all about “licking” there’s actually much more to it. You need to lick the right places, in the right order, for the right amount of time!

And with over 6,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, you better make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you poke your tongue down there, otherwise it could be really painful, spoil the mood or even turn her off cunnilingus altogether.

In short, most men and woman for that matter have NO IDEA how to please their wives or girlfriends with oral sex. Why? Because no one out there is teaching them this stuff properly!



This has turned into a flog

a fuck blog

Comment by H.


Comment by obsession2nobody

Thais what it’s all about! it’s not who you know it’s who you BLOW
flog… Very Funny


My Friday night was just smashed up so bad. I was enjoying this blind date. I said the wrong thing. Next thing I know she asked to be taken home. Shit it’s only 12 midnight. Had to be something I said. I said nothing wrong can’t understand it. Females are so funny

I hate blind dates

Guy’s on a first date be very careful in the words you use on a first date, all it takes is one wrong word and it will be your last date

I hate fucking up on a first date.


Live and learn.

Comment by X Factor

Comment by F.F.B.

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

Comment by bogert

Comment by Lady KAKA

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