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The Little Rascals
July 19, 2011, 8:55 am
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Remember  Our Gang?

These pictures are  great.

What  ever happened to those people?

In  case you forgot who is who.

Well,  here it is…

The  Our Gang Curse

Alfalfa  —

Carl Switzer was  shot to death at age 31.

Chubby  —

300-pound  Norman Chaney died at  age 22 following an operation.

Buckwheat  —

William Thomas died at  age 49 of a heart attack.

Darla Hood  —

The  Our Gang leading lady contracted hepatitis and  died at age 47.

Brisbane  —

Kendall  McCormas, known as Breezy Brisbane, committed  suicide at age 64.

Froggy  — William Robert Laughline was  killed in a motor scooter accident at age  16.

Mickey Daniels —

He  died of liver disease at 55.

Stymie  —

Mathew Bear led a  life of crime and drugs. He died of a stroke at  age 56.

Scotty Beckett  —

He  died at age 38 following a brutal  beating.

Wheezer  —

Robert Hutchins was  killed in an airplane accident at age  19.

Pete the Pup  —

He  was poisoned by an unknown  assailant.

Butch  —

Currently  lives in California  .  

Robert Blake was  acquitted of murdering his wife.  


Date of Birth

2 October 1928Dallas, Texas, USA

Date of Death

30 June 1993, Grapevine, Texas, USA. (heart attack) 


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