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Is this halacha or kaballah?
July 3, 2011, 12:29 pm
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1) There are two kinds of mixtures in regards to the Melacha of Lisha:

a) “Blila Avah, a thick mixture”. This is any combination of a food and a liquid that produces a thick mass that does not flow (or flows very slowly). Some common examples of this are dough, tuna fish salad, egg salad, oatmeal and baby cereal [when made to a thick consistency].

b) “Blila Racha, a loose mixture”. This is any combination of food and liquid that although evident that they have been combined to be one unit, will still flow freely when poured. Some common examples include applesauce, ketchup and baby cereal or oatmeal [when made with a lot of water and is thus a loose consistency]

Mixtures that are so watery that they are not perceived as one unit, are not subject to the prohibition of Lisha, provided that they have been watery from the get go(as opposed to a mixture that is thick, and only after adding large amounts of water becomes looser and looser until it is totally watery.) (See Chazon Ish Siman 58:9)

2) Kneading a thick mixture is a biblical prohibition of Lisha, whereas kneading a loose mixture is a rabbinic prohibition.

Thick mixtures may not be kneaded, in most cases, even if a simple Shinui (change of normal procedure) has been employed. Rather it will need some special criteria to be allowed.

Loose mixtures may be kneaded, in most cases, if a simple Shinui or two is implemented.

Over the next few days we will B’Ezras Hashem discuss what constitutes a Shinui and they must be done in order to allow the kneading.


Reader’s Question:



Can you please explain the concept that it’s an issur (prohibition) for a man to walk in between 2 ladies?


Is this halacha or kaballah?


Is there any problem of a woman walking in between 2 men?




This is brought in the Talmud (Pesachim 111a and in Horiyos 13b) and applies equally to a man walking between two women and a woman walking between 2 men.

The Gemara says that doing so will make it difficult to learn and absorb Torah (see Rashi Horiyos 13b Dibur Hamaschil Kashim)

This is found in Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Siman 3:8 as well. The Poskim say that it is also a Sakana(danger).

The Chazon Ish was extremely makpid with this and once quipped to a woman who said that it was too hard to abide by this rule “Do you find it too hard to avoid walking into a fire?” (Quoted by Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita in his sefer Ta’ama D’Kra, sixt printing edition, in the section where he lists rulings and customs of the Chazon Ish Zatzal that he heard from his mother A”H page 178)

It is questionable if this applies to family members too, and according to many Poskim it is best to be stringent.

if two men (or two women) are walking together, they may pass between the two women (or two men) (See Ben Ish Chai Parshas Pinchos Siman 17)

If one finds him or her self in a situation where he/she will be walking between 2 members of the opposite gender, he/she should make sure to grasp something ( preferably a Mitzvah item such as his peyos, Tefilin, Tzitzis, or if that isn’t available, anything else such as the corner of their jacket, hat, wallet or anything) in their hand. (See Halichos Shlomo Perek 2 footnote 103)





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