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ashamed of being Jewish
June 12, 2011, 1:14 pm
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I have never been ashamed of being Jewish in my life until now, this is a life changer.
let me be clear- it’s not the boy .but the things he said rang true straight from the heart-even if he’s mistaken-this is what happens to us when evil overtakes our people.
And it becomes impossible to talk to one another; it’s happened before; it will happen again -the conscienceless from before Bereshit.

let me be clear it’s not the film or a Jewish child being beat up-did you see the knee to the face- the intentional brutality ?-Or the cheering crowd that makes me ashamed but rather the writers of the comments here before me.


HOW CAN they sitting comfortably at home in America Israel accept and condone illegal police actions -believe me those police are in trouble. Things they would never accept done to themselves by security forces anywhere. But by sheer force of disagreement of views applaud viciousness applied to this youth. These are themselves vicious sheep taught to follow the hate regurgitated by the views of mass propaganda, unable to see the truth; the compassion in real religion.

The need the police felt in beating the boy in the car after he was completely subdued reflects the knee-jerk comments to this film by your readers a need to justify what they know to be wrong but cannot say it for fear of exposing the entire slew of lies they call their lives as supporters of Israel.
There can only be contempt for those who would violently suppress the different views of others or their own differing inner views.

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That asshole got what he deserved.

I would like to see him talk that way to the NYPD or LAPD and refuse togive his ID, They would give it to him much worse.

Comment by beny

Chech this out:

Haaretz reports a day later, note how they turn on the people singing on Jerusalem day.

Comment by X Factor

The guy is lucky the cops saved his ass.

Doing what he was doing he was asking for a

GOOD beating, if the cops did not take him away

he would have provoked the people celebrating Jerusalem day

into kicking his ass, and he certainly deserved it !

Comment by godssecret

Maybe he was suicidal … And didnt want to be saved. Think outside of the box. If you havent considered suicide… you havent looked at all your options.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Suicide is never an option.

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

I am not an American nor do I have an American passport but no election has ever intrigued me so much as this particular one. He would make the world a better place…The other day I remarked to someone If Obama would come here and run for president of the Philippines I would personally campaign door to door to make sure he gets elected…Our country needs this kind of leadership visionary spiritual compassionate with unflinching integrity…The other day I was watching the BBC.I saw three American soldiers talking onscreen.

Comment by business review

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