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Do you have Vaginal Itch & Odor???
February 23, 2011, 3:07 pm
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No matter how clean you keep yourself, vaginal itch and odor may be frequent visitors when you are least expecting them. Vaginal itching and odor may be due to a number of reasons including hormonal imbalances, menstruation, pregnancy or yeast infections–even sexually transmitted diseases. Other issues such as wearing wet swimwear, restrictive underwear and thongs may contribute to excess moisture and irritation causing itching and odor to occur. Stubborn itch and continuous odor should be evaluated by a trained healthcare professional for more serious issues affecting your health.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Feminine deodorant spray
  • Vaginal anti-itch cream
  • Panty liners
  1. Wear absorbent cotton underwear that allows your skin to breathe. Cotton absorbs sweat unlike synthetic materials such as latex and nylon, which should be avoided when purchasing underwear. Change your underwear and bathe each day to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.
  2. Wear panty liners around the time of your expected menstruation date to ensure that discharge from hormonal fluctuations within your body can be discarded each time you visit the bathroom.
  3. Use a feminine deodorant spray to eliminate vaginal odor that is persistent and won’t go away with normal everyday hygiene practices. A quick spray makes certain there will be no embarrassing odor problems when you are in close proximity with other people.
  4. Use a vaginal anti-itch cream to eliminate unwanted itching at inopportune moments. Vagisil, for example, is safe to use in that area and contains an anesthetic to quell the itch and to prevent you from scratching. Vagisil also has added vitamins A, E and D to soothe irritated skin naturally.
  5. See a doctor if you think you may be pregnant.
    Severe redness, intense itching and a greenish-yellow discharge along with a pungent odor may be a sexually transmitted disease.
    Yeast infections usually have a thick white curd-like discharge and a fish odor, which is relieved after treatment with an over-the-counter (OTC) vaginal yeast infection cream. If the condition persists after OTC treatment for a yeast infection, seek medical expertise.

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