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A Word For Today
February 8, 2011, 10:10 am
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A Word For Today: 

“As is known, the Jewish people are a holy nation. When a time of tzarah (trouble) comes, chas veshalom, hakol kol Yaakov (the voice is the voice of Yaakov) in tefillah. They are, therefore, able to break through the walls of iron separating them from their Father in Heaven. However, they are too lazy to do so because they think that the tzarah is a natural occurrence, a political happening, and not through the hashgachah (direction) of Hashem … they, therefore, do not beseech Hashem for rachamim (mercy) … because if they would understand that everything indeed comes from Hashem they could annul the edict through their davening.”

 (The Gaon of Vilna; Divrei Eliyahu Parshas Vayelech)

“… even when Yisroel(the jewish people) sins to Hashem, if they call out to Hashem (in tefillah) Hashem would save them.”

(The MaHaRal of Prague; Gevuros Hashem 24)
“All the many tzaros that come upon us, from which we are not saved, is because we do not cry out and increase our davening regarding them. If we would indeed daven and spill out our words before Hashem our davening and entreaties would for sure not return empty. One should not suffice by just davening the three shemoneh esreis a day because since we are used to them we don’t have the proper kavonoh (concentration) in them. Rather, often during the day, one should pour out his tefillos and entreaties, when he is alone at home, from the depth of his heart like water. The tefillah will then come from a deep kavonoh, a broken heart and spirit. A tefillah like this will not return empty.”

 (The Chofetz Chaim; Likutei Amarim 10)
“In the service of Hashem with all of one’s heart, which is tefillah with kavonoh, a person will be granted all his wants and desires to serve Hashem.”

(The Mabit; Bais Elokim 4)


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