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what choice we make
February 3, 2011, 12:59 pm
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The purpose of man being placed on this earth is to “earn” his place in the world to come through his own actions.


The holy Zohar uses the term “Nahama D’Kesufa – bread of shame” to describe this concept as follows:


If Hashem would simply place  each soul in Gan Eden without the soul having earned it, the sould would be extremely shamed in experiencing such bliss as a “free” gift.


However, once the soul had been placed in a life of temptation, tests, trials and tribulations, and overcame them to excel, then the bliss of Gan Eden can be enjoyed to its fullest potential, as it has been earned!


If one toils hard to earn $50,000, they will enjoy it much more fully than if it was a gift that wasn’t worked to obtain. It is human nature. It is a fact of life. what we work for, we appreciate more and cherish  more.


Every person is created by Hashem with his own characteristics and skills. Hashem decides if he will be tall or short, smart or dumb, good looking or ugly etc. However, one thing is not predestined: If a person will be a Tzadik or a Rasha, righteous or evil.


Hashem gives each and every one of us the ability to choose. By making our own choices, we choose our own destiny; for better or for worse.


A person can be a Tzaddik one day, and then make some bad choices and lose that status overnight. it works vice versa as well.


The Rambam tells us that every person has the ability to be a Tzadik like Moshe Rabbeinu, or a Rasha like Yeravam ben Nevat.


Greatness is not guaranteed and isn’t passed on from generation to generation. Each person must  make his own choices in life; every day; every year and always.


Noach was a Tzadik. Thats why he was saved.


When he came out of the Teiva, he had some choices to make. His choices affected the re-settling of society, and were extremely important.


On his exalted level, he made some collosal mistakes, and  world history was altered due to his mistakes.


Hashem is intrinsically good.  Only man has the ability to  ruin the goodness of the world and cause harm to himself and those that come after him.


By choosing to plant grapes and make wine and get drunk as his first act of “replanting civilization”, Noach caused  bad things to follow.


Hashem didnt cause him to do that.


 It was his own choice.


Each of us has a little piece of Noach inside of us.
We have the potential, each and every day anew, to rebuild ourselves, and the world, properly; or to squander it away.

But no matter what choice we make, it’s OUR choice.



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