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“Baruch Shemo”
February 3, 2011, 1:04 pm
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Reader’s Question:

What is the minhag of saying “Baruch hu u’baruch shemo” at davening or anywhere else when a bracha with shem Hashem is made? Does it create a hefsek from hearing the full bracha? And sometimes people don’t get all 4 words out but just a “baruch shemo” what is the source for any of it?

The Tur Siman 124 writes that he heard from his father (The Rosh) that whenever one hears Hashem’s name in a Bracha, the words “Baruch Hu U’Baruch Shemo, Blessed is He and blessed is His name” should be recited.  He writes that this is based on a pasuk said by Moshe Rabbeinu (Devarim 32:3) “Ki Shem Hashem Ekra, Havu Godel L’Elokeinu, When Hashem’s name is called, bring forth (i.e. respond with) the greatness of our Lord” See Rashi to the Posuk ibid.

If one is at a juncture in davening where he may not make interruptions, or if someone is listening to someone else who is being Motzi him with a particular Bracha on a  mitzvah and thus must concentrate on the Bracha being recited as if he himself is saying it (Shomea K’Oneh),  he should not say “Baruch Hu U’Baruch Shemo” (Mishna Berura Siman 124:21)
If the Bracha at hand is a short Bracha, and by saying Baruch Hu U’Baruch Shemo, one will end up missing answering Amen properly, the “Baruch Hu Ubaruch Shemo” should not be said. However, it is proper for the one saying the Bracha to leave adequate time for it as well as the Amen to be answerd. (Mishna Berura Siman 124:22)
Of course, when saying it itis important to pronounce all 4 words, and not swallow it up so it sounds only like “Baruch Shemo”


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he leido con atención este articulo, y deseo comentar lo siguiente… hace 13 años tuvimos en mi familia una tragedia de perder a mi hijo de 18 años en forma violenta (asesinato), 15 dias despues de esto, estabamos dormidos con un sueño intranquilo y mi esposo se despertó y dijo, que nuestro hijo habia estado alli y habia pronunciado las palabras, a baruch, baruch shemo… es lo que es habia entendido, no sabia como se podia escribir, ya que nunca las habia escuchado…. debo comentar que mi hijo desde niño le apodaban (sobre nombre) shemo, Desde que murió mi hijo fueron muy fuertes las revelaciones de el hacia nosotros. Tal vez me ayuden a entender mas estas palabras en esos momentos…. gracias.

Comment by patricia aburto

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