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Taiwan’s government to legalise hookers
October 14, 2010, 2:25 pm
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A.B.C.: Taiwan’s government plans to decriminalise the sex trade by allowing prostitutes to open small-scale businesses.

The authorities have been mulling over various measures, including the creation of special sex zones to regulate the trade amid criticism of the existing law, which punishes sex workers but lets their customers off the hook.

The law is due to expire in late 2011, and the interior ministry has proposed new rules allowing small brothels operated by individuals, or by groups of three to five sex workers.

However, the ministry has ruled out setting up red-light districts or allowing larger companies, due to opposition from experts concerned that it would turn the sex trade into a regular industry, it said in a statement.

The ministry said it will submit the proposal to the cabinet’s human rights committee for approval by the end of this year, after collecting more feedback from the public.

A poll released by the ministry in February, found that the majority of Taiwanese were in favour of creating special sex zones.

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The girl was not a hooker.She was selling a kind of fruit.(Binlang)

Comment by jimmy

ya, two melons

Comment by Patsi

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