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September 14, 2010, 11:54 am
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KTVU: FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Two women were still recovering Saturday after a vicious dog attack the morning before that didn’t end until neighbors shot the dogs.

Witnesses said that at about 6 a.m. Friday, three loose dogs pounced on 52-year-old Janelle Dalson, who was on a jog through her neighborhood. The woman’s screams woke one neighbor, who came outside to find her fending off the three dogs, which collectively weighed nearly 300 pounds.

“Course she was screaming and begging for help. You know, ‘please help me,’” said responding neighbor Gary Paquet, who choked up while describing what he witnessed. “They actually had her body up off the ground, and they were trying to rend her apart.”

Fortunately, Paquet came out of his house armed with his Walther PPK Handgun.

“Lead dog came up, and I shot him in the head. And he just dropped right there,” said Paquet.

But as the other two dogs continued their assault, Paquet’s gun jammed. Just then, two other women came running up the street and the two dogs went after them. One of the women was pregnant.

“Those two dogs went right for them, and they took down the pregnant one and started chewing on her,” said Paquet.

Neighbor John Bettencourt also came outside armed with a handgun, and shot the two dogs before they could seriously hurt the pregnant woman.

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