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pig’s head with Jewish Star
August 24, 2010, 12:49 pm
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Y NET NEWS: Jewish worshippers in Kaunas find pig’s head with Star of David engraved in its forehead. Community leader: Possible provocation by nationalists

“We were praying inside when someone called us to see something in the yard. It was a real pig’s head under a Hasidic hat with peyos (side-locks) attached to it,” a Jewish community leader told Ynet.  

“At first we feared it was an explosive device so we called the police. They took the head to examine it for fingerprints. We want to know who did it and why. We are not in conflict with anyone. It may have been a provocation by a nationalistic organization because this is a famous synagogue from the pre-World War I era which is visited by many, including Catholics,” he said.  

Kaunas resident Haim Bergman, who regularly prays at the synagogue, said bottles have been thrown at the building in the past, “but there are very few Jews left here, and a maximum of 15 people pray in the synagogue regularly.”  

Taken from and read more:,7340,L-3942731,00.html


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