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Man pays hookers to help him commit suicide
August 15, 2010, 10:44 am
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DAILY MAIL: A City banker paid two escorts to help him commit suicide – in what one police source described as ‘death by hooker’.

Married father-of-two Colin Birch, 44, hanged himself from a tree after convincing the the women that he was wearing a safety harness and that he was merely playing a sado-masochistic game.

Mr Birch, who had lost his job as an assistant vice president at Deutsche Bank , died on Dartford Heath, Kent, on Friday, July 30.

Website: Colin Birch had used Katie’s Lovely Escorts agency before, and had contacted them to send two women to be his ‘executioners’

A police source said: ‘The girls believe they were used to help kill him without realising what they were doing. It was death by hooker.’

Police have arrested two women and a man on suspicion of assisting suicide

Mr Birch hired the women, Marie Laurent and Alex Sturley, both 35, from Katie’s Lovely Escorts agency in Bexley to meet him on the heath – where they found him standing on a wooden step with a noose around his neck.

The women say he was crying when they arrived, and that he wanted them to verbally abuse him, telling him he ‘deserved to die’.

After being paid £60 each they said they left him, but then returned to find him swinging with his neck still in the noose.

Despite his assurances that he would be wearing a harness that would prevent him from choking, they noticed his lips had turned blue.

They say they immediately got him down and tried to revive him but it was too late.

Acoording to a police source, Mr Birch had used the escort agency before for similar role-playing sex games.

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