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Serbian Senicide
August 2, 2010, 8:16 am
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WIKIPEDIA: Lapot (laˈpot) is the legendary Serbian practice of senicide: killing one’s parents, or other elderly family members, once they become a financial burden on the family. According to T. R. Georgevitch (Đorđević), writing in 1918 about the eastern highlands of Serbia, in the region of Zaječar, the killing was carried out with an axe or stick, and the entire village was invited to attend. In some places corn mush was put on the head of the victim to make it seem as if the corn, not the family, was the killer.

Georgevitch suggests that this legend may have originated in tales surrounding the Roman occupation of local forts.

The Romans … were very bellicose people. Their leader ordered all the holders of the fort up to forty years of age to be active fighters, from forty to fifty to be guards of the fort, and after fifty to be killed, because they have no military value. Since that period the old men were killed.

Anthropologist Senka Kovač, in a study on aging, mentions that the name “lapot” is given to this custom of killing the elderly in eastern Serbia.

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