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Hotels not kosher
July 15, 2010, 1:33 pm
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Y NET NEWS: Rabbis ask haredi press not to advertise ‘unendorsed’ hotel vacations due to ‘obstructions related to holiness and modesty’

The summer vacation is upon us and the ultra-Orthodox sector is getting ready for heightened modesty alert. As in previous years, one of the community’s main threats is unsupervised vacationing in hotels that have TV and internet. 

In a notice distributed in haredi neighborhoods, rabbis call on editors of haredi press to avoid publishing advertisements for hotel vacations, except for three “kosher” haredi hotels. 

Tel Aviv Girls

“Since vacationing in hotels scattered around the country and abroad is paved with obstructions related to holiness and modesty, and people holidaying in an atmosphere of intermixture and frivolity, heaven forbid, we call on the haredi press not to advertise them at all, and on the contrary – appeal against these obstructions and as such increase the purity in Israel,” they wrote. The rabbis claimed that “vacationing in hotels across the Holy Land and abroad is considered among the most severe infringements of our time, to which many have fallen victim. It is unthinkable that you advertise them and bring many to sin. Even the hotels that are cooperating with the ‘rabbis’ committee’ are not worthy of advertisement in the haredi press.”

Taken from and read more:,7340,L-3916587,00.html



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