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why good girls go for bad boys
June 28, 2010, 8:39 am
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Its simple and stupid. It begins with excitment and ends in mass
emotional destruction.
The good girl… She was sheltered, went to good schools had a
nice family life and went on boring summer vacations with her
brothers and sisters. She is expected to move on to some good
college to get some fancy named career. She drank a glass of wine
at her sisters wedding and wore the perfect dress. HER LIFE IS BORING.
She knows that after she gets her degree its marriage to some boring
nice guy who likes to read the Sunday Times and play golf.

The bad boy… He was always the outcast, the trouble maker, the bully.
He comes from either a disfunctional family or an unorganized family.
He gets sick of being the outcast and decides to use his cunning ways
and good looks to get what he wants, but he does not want stability,
he is scared of it and dosent know it.
The good girl goes for the bad boy in search of excitement, she is weak
and naieve and falls for his shit. She loves the new found who gives a fuck
attitude and the spontanious wild adventures she gets from him.
The bad boy goes for the good girl because he is superior to her and
knows it, he can pull all his shit , cheat her, beat her and delete her
and she will come running back for more when he fills her head with
lies of love and kisses her lips with the taste of some other girls hips on them.
And then the cycle begins. The good girl fucks up her future because the bad
boy “loves her” and promises her the world. Eventually it ends in a drastic way.
And they both continue the good girl bad boy chase for years, because they both
think they can win it, the good girl thinks she will find a bad boy who will be her
prince charming and the bad boy thinks he can find the good girl who will stick
around through all his shit. It dosent work and a string of broken hearts and bad
memories and history are all thats left behind, and eventualy the good girl becomes
the bad girl.
Now here is something even more dangerous to ponder, the story of my life …
The bad girl who always goes for the bad boy !
Leah Kleim.


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