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Why is Israel so dry???
June 20, 2010, 9:55 am
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HAARETZ: It isn’t just a rumor: Israel really is drying out. Not even the most seasoned smokers can recall a dry spell like this.

If you are one of a significant proportion of Israelis that regularly flouts the law to use marijuana, you may be experiencing attacks of nerves, sleepless nights, mood swings and a general lack of get up and go. Why? Reasons for this year’s grass shortage are several: A slew of successful drugs busts by the police and border guard; cooperation between Egyptian cartels trying to boost profits; a dearth of growers; low rainfall. Conspiracy theorists even claim a secret government program to combat apathy and stir the nation’s fighting spirit.

Whatever the reason, the cost of getting high in Israel has never been higher.

Dark times are stimulating users’ creative talents. It only takes a quick search on ‘Youtube’ for the terms “Israel is drying out” – better known in non-toking circles as the slogan of a government water-saving campaign – or “Elimelech Duda”, a satirical singing puppet, to get a taste of the crisis facing Israel’s potheads.

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