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autistic getting exorcism not covered by insurance company ???
June 8, 2010, 12:32 pm
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COURTHOUSE NEWS: INDIANAPOLIS (CN) – An insurance company insists it has no obligation to cover injuries suffered during an “exorcism” by members of the City Church for all Nations. Cincinnati Insurance claims an autistic church member was restrained and assaulted until he vomited blood during the “exorcism.”
     The City Church for all Nations fka Cherry Hill Church (CHC) “operated a college ministry, which it called a ‘school of theology,'” near Indiana University in 2007, according to the federal complaint.
     “CHC made available its parsonage where ‘students’ in its ‘school of theology’ could pay rent and reside in the parsonage during their participation in the program,” the insurer says.

     It claims that defendant Edward Uyesugi II was not a member of the CHC staff but only attended services there and volunteered as an usher. He also did odd jobs for defendant Mary Lou Raby, whose autistic grandson and ward, Jacob Raby, are both defendants in this case.
     The insurer claims that Uyesugi told the grandma that her grandson “could be cured of his autism by having ‘the demons’ cast out of his body.”
     She told Uyesugi to go ahead, and he performed the exorcism with help from Aaron Raby, who restrained Jacob while Uyesugi assaulted him, the insurer says.
     During the exorcism, Uyesugi “repeatedly struck [Jacob] on the chest, commanding ‘the demons’ to leave [Jacob’s] body,'”

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