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Israeli Raid Video
June 1, 2010, 8:05 am
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poor soldiers you mean they fought them and didn’t give up?-some nerve!Hope they didn’t hurt them.What I thought only the soldiers were allowed to hurt people.This isn’t fair- no one would of thought that dedicated people risking their lives to break the blockade would fight Israelis!Why the people in Isreal are too scared to fight back; aren’t all people everywhere like that?Reminds me of Nazi disgust and surprise at the Warsaw uprising;who are the Jews to fight back?TELL ME THE NAVY DIDN’T KNOW THOSE SOLDIERS were going to get the shit kicked out of them and were going to respond by killing people AND I”LL TELL YOU SOME MORE LIES YOU BE DUMB ENOUGH TO WANT TO BELIEVE YOU STUPID BRAINWASHED FUCK>

Comment by jack

So whats your point Jack? That Israel sent her soldiers to get beat up in order to fire on the ship? Sounds far fetched to me!

Comment by Bark

Comment by Papsi

Comment by Papsi

These videos prove that violence was being planned and that this was known before the take-over;if so why not a change of plan-were they really caught by surprise? REMEMBER THE FULL CABINET DEBATED WHAT OUR RESPONSE WOULD BE FOR WEEKS> There seems to be quite a few self-destructive acts Isreal has been guilty of lately guaranteed to infuriate the world.Is it simply mistake after mistake?Look at our international standing as compared to 5 years ago.If the government was concerned wouldn’t they refrain from attacking in international waters and at least wait till our territorial waters to stop the boat?Do you believe your leaders in your heart-there was no choice-or somewhere deep down do you suspect that they are risking your life and lives of Jews around the world?

Comment by jack

LA TIMES: It seems they had no awareness of what might happen in a bad scenario. The people on the ship declared they would not resist actively. So what was expected was civilian resistance, such as lying down and not cooperating. They didn’t expect violence. So it was a trap.

But falling into that trap should have never happened. The Israeli mistake was to believe it. You should always take into account that there are fanatics who will do things that you don’t expect. The mistake was to not think more skeptically. Israel fell into a trap set by a minority of persons on the ship.
The commando forces fell into an unexpected situation for which they were not prepared mentally and not equipped physically. If one knew what was going to happen, one would have used totally different tactics, maybe overwhelming force or nonlethal weapons in large quantities. There are many ways to handle it. But they were not prepared for a scenario that I think should have been foreseen as having some probability.

A serious planning error. It’s a sign of a deeper weakness in strategic thinking and it has to be corrected.


Comment by Papsi

Problem with Papsi is that he doesn’t live here on a daily basis and have to deal with that.
ISRAEL like JUDAISM is alot more palatable overseas.The reality of it all is so inconvenient to true believers.But if you live here long enough you see that any kind of wickedness and deceit is not only happening but the standard norm for behavior.Now you can ask yourself why or choose to adopt anyone of the standard explanations.But the basic message is that human life is not worth ideological expectations.In such an atmosphere crimes of any and all sorts occur with astounding regularity.And they’re not called crimes but means to an end.

Comment by jack

The Old Testament is about Israel and takes place in Israel. How could Judaism be any good anywhere else?

Comment by Papsi

It’s face is humane in America;there’s more a feeling that everyone has a right to be who they are in it freely;that were a equal minority like everyone else.That what I believe doesn’t depend on hating or even thinking badly about someone else.A universal Judaism with a message for non-jews.
Here it’s a political statement involved in racial overtones and the kind of hat i wear places me solidity in society-maybe you dont believe me but its true.This is the result of having a jewish state.There’s more to say but its just too dangerous .

Comment by jack

Dangerous??? Don’t be a drama queen. And post September 11th, no one is free anywhere.

Comment by Papsi

“Israel had no right to land troops in water that is not her own. The activists shouldnt not have been as violent as they were, but the Israeli Soldiers should not have been put in that situation to board a ship, nd have live bullets to kill people. Tear gas, nd rubber bullets I can understand, nd only if that was in Israeli water, which it clearly was not. It was International Water, nd Israeli should b punished for this blunder nd loss of human life. This is an example of Israel using risky and unnecessary tactics, such as boarding ships with live ammunition when they kno it can all turn to shit. Then they try to spin it. This is what they have been doing with the Palestinians for years. It’s very clear about that. And then the Arabs take the international media nd spin it for their own purposes of propaganda for personal gain, nd this whole entire Middle East crisis shit continues. “

Comment by Ari

Hind shite is 20 20. Every one has an asshole and everyone has an opinion.

Comment by X Factor

Hello! hamas is a terror organization. These people celebrate September 11th!

Comment by F.F.B.

Comment by MACDADY

Comment by MACDADY

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