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Fat Friends
June 1, 2010, 1:44 pm
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There is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman will look a hundred times more beautiful when standing next to a fat friend.

But it’s not just when you’re out on the town that your fat friend makes you feel better. When you’re out shopping there’s the satisfaction of slipping into a size 10 as she struggles with a 16, and even if you have put on a few pounds, the fact she can’t fit into the biggest size the shop stocks takes the sting out of moving up to a 12.

Because your fat friend is no competition, you can take her out manhunting, safe in the knowledge that all eyes will be on you, and there will always be someone around to watch your drink and guard your handbag.

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If your “slipping” into a size 10, you are a fucking fat ass yourself ! A size 8 is chunky !

But yes, women love to have fat friends because then they get all the attention, bu women arent too bright either… Thats why all my friends are guys. Guys are really dumb and always thinking with the head down under, smile, act dumb, look pretty and thy start making bets on who can get you first. They all buy you things, take you places and you walk off laughing, because they all lost the bet. Screw the fat girl friend, she whines and bitches too much. Hang with the boys !

Comment by Leah Kleim

They sat fat women are best in bed. More cushin for the pushin.

Comment by nick

“THEY” Are the fat and ugly ones who cant get anything els !

Comment by Leah Kleim

Not necessarily. I know men that only go for the fat ones. That’s what turns them on.

Comment by nick

There sick !

Comment by Leah Kleim

Big breasts are part of it. Look at the past. Fat women were considered worth more all over the world and including the gemorah.

Comment by X Factor

Welcome to today ! Anorexia and implants are in.

Comment by Leah Kleim

Who wants a skeleton with bad eating habits?

Comment by X Factor

haha, you ladies saying size eight is chunky.. you’re crazy. I love my size 10-20’s… they don’t leave bruises on my hips from their bony butts (:

Comment by michael

Enough PC bullshit. The only people who describe fat women as “real” or “curvy” are other fat women.
If you want to spend your weekends with a boyfriend rather than on a fat acceptance forum with a bunch of pathetic obese women, keep your weight down.

Comment by FD

Hey. Some people find fat very sexy!

It may come back in style…

Comment by F.F.B.

You people who bash fat girls are hysterical. you think that because a girl is fat she can’t get a boyfriend or fuck buddy. and most have one (or several, dealers choice on that). and fat girls have a larger sex drive since the chemical for the sex drive is stored in fat cells. just saying.

Whats probably got all you guys bashing fat girls is that your dicks are to small to satisfy them.

and one question….when did all bones and plastic become sexy?

Comment by Miro

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