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turned down tons of ca$h from the German media to identify the exact spot he disposed of Hitler
May 2, 2010, 10:35 am
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DAILY MAIL: He told a Russian newspaper that having burned the bones of the Nazi leader and his entourage, he and two colleagues drove the ashes to the top of ‘a cliff on a small unnamed stream’ before they were released to the wind.

It was a pre-determined location decided by Moscow.  ‘No-one was there,’ he said. ‘Twenty seconds – and job was done. It was just the last flight of the Fuhrer.’

Gumenyuk’s role was first claimed by Moscow in revelations from the secret services in  2001. 

Yesterday he gave a few additional details but said he had turned down large sums from the German media to identify the exact spot he disposed of Hitler.

Vladmir Gumenyuk

‘I believe that the coverage of this subject is not appropriate,’ he said.

Making clear he would go to his grave with his knowledge, he said: ‘There are still too many neo-Nazis around.  There would be pilgrimages. They would  even put up a monument.’

He said that the had been haunted by a fear of ‘failure’ since 1970, concerned that knowledge of the operation might leak out before its disclosure was officially sanctioned.

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