Love life like yourself ?!?!?

Leah Kleim counts the omer, 38 days !!!
April 8, 2010, 1:19 pm
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That’s really fucking great and definitely pumps up my urge to drink. Think about it, lets weigh this out and then suck down a bottle.

Drink yourself silly every day and laugh at life, enjoy it and die young and good lookin…
VS, quit drinkin’ grow old, go grey, work hard, have health problems any fucking way. have a bunch of grandchildren who cant stand your stupid fucking stories of your boring glory days, and just listen to them cuz they want money from you. Get a hip replacement, need a wheel chair, worry about your pension and 401K plan, or work your fucking broken down ass off because you don’t fucking have one. live with a spouse who you just cant stand… etc etc——–
(Fill in the blanks with your choice of misery)

Id rather get drunk, have fun, and die young.
38 days sober and hating every bit of it.

Leah Kleim.


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Tonight is 10 days. One weak and three days to the omer.

Comment by nick

Yeah thats fkn nice Nick, thats on your planet and frankly… I couldnt care any less about your planet. On my planet, (the one that matters most) Its day 41 of fkn misery.

Comment by Leah Kleim

Keep counting, every day counts!

Comment by X Factor

Another day bites he fucking dust. This shit fucking sucks and I duno why the fuck Im doing it.

Comment by Leah Kleim

You know why.

Comment by nick

I got drunk

Comment by Leah Kleim

Start counting over.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Comment by I'm Fucking Ben Affleck

2 days sober.

Comment by Leah Kleim


Comment by X Factor


Comment by nick

Average Time Spent Being Happy Drops To 13 Seconds Per Day

BERKELEY, CA—A study published in the latest issue of the Journal Of Social Sciences revealed that the amount of time spent being happy has dropped to an all-time low of 13 nonconsecutive seconds per day. “According to our data, the average American experiences a 0.8-second window of happiness upon awakening, before remembering that they’re conscious beings in a relentlessly bleak and numbing world,” said Dr. Derek Moore, lead author of the paper. “Other periods of happiness include 1.9 seconds after a good meal; 0.6 seconds upon receiving a paycheck; 1.1 seconds following completion of a scientific study; and the 2.5 seconds approaching orgasm, just before the guilt sets in.” Researchers also recorded the smallest period of contentment yet, a 3.7-millisecond interval preceding the realization that one was experiencing happiness and that it could not possibly last.,17258/

Comment by I'm Fucking Ben Affleck

2 days sober. I think the wagon is driving to fucking fast…and I keep falling off of it. Oh well shit happens, and boy do I have a nice fuckin scar from the last bender. Will I ever learn ? Only the grave will teach me.

Comment by Leah Kleim

Send us a pic of your scar.

Comment by Narc

Last time I got drunk I lost a few teath. 🙂 LOL!

Comment by Narc

the world doesnt need people that think like that anyways…enjoy drinking…
stay off the roads and away from children

Comment by xristoff

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