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7 fat … Memories and history by Leah Kleim
March 24, 2010, 3:23 pm
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What happened to them ? I dunno, I fell off the planet for a while.
I’m in a fucking zombie like trance or something…  I got sober and
don’t know what the fuck is going on !

I feel like the fucking  mother-
ship dropped me off on some foreign fucking stomping ground and I
don’t know my way around or understand the goddamn language they
are speaking to me  !

No wonder why they tell you to take it one day
at a time ! You cant fucking take this shit in large amounts, no wonder
why I drank so freakin much, this place is far beyond fucking insane !

Any way, enough of my ranting, damn it feels good to finger a keyboard
again ! Maybe I’ll finish writing “Frum Porn” for you now, along with my
new found attitude problem and overblown egomania that Ive acquired since
the jackasses in AA told me to be fucking honest ! What a fucking brilliant
thing to tell me to do… That’s what always got me in fucking trouble, honesty.
What a fucked up policy.
Wow, I just Googled 7fatcow and there gone ! They must have overdosed.
damn I should have known better… I shoulda, woulda, coulda… BUT DIDNT…
Back up all of those wonderful cyber temper tantrums that I threw in junkie Jew
7 fat … Memories and history.


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that was beautiful

Comment by jack

Thanx Jack 😉

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Jacked …

Comment by X factor

Off !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

GOOOD SEYDER!!! the rebbee drank 4 cups of borst…

Comment by X factor

I’m a nazarite, I drink 4 cups of pomegranate whine

Comment by X factor

No wine for me this yr… Lets see how long that lasts !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Sober is the best way…

Comment by F.F.B.

Im not sure about that, Im contemplating the thought… but I have doubts.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

You will live longer.

Comment by F.F.B.

Thats really fucking great and definitly pumps up my urge to drink. Think about it, lets weigh this out and then suck down a bottle.

Drink yourself silly every day and laugh at life, enjoy it and die young and good lookin…
VS, quit drinkin’ grow old, go grey, work hard, have health problems any fucking way. have a bunch of grandchildren who cant stand your stupid fucking stories of your boring glory days, and just listen to them cuz they want money from you. Get a hip replacement, need a wheel chair, worry about your pension and 401K plan, or work your fucking broken down ass off because you dont fucking have one. live with a spouse who you just cant stand… etc etc——–
(Fill in nthe blanks with your choice of misery)

Id rather get drunk, have fun, and die young.
38 days sober and hating every bit of it.

Leah Kleim.

Comment by Leah Kleim

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