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officer accidentally locked himself in a cell, then, tried to shoot his way out
March 4, 2010, 1:38 pm
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WKYT: An Adair County security officer is out of a job after officials say the man accidentally locked himself in a holding cell. However, it wasn’t that mistake that cost him his job. It was what he did next.

Upstairs the Adair County courthouse was in the middle of its first full day, but downstairs in a basement holding cell, things were off to a rough start. For many in Adair County, the transition from the old courthouse to the new $12.4 million facility was a long anticipated source of pride, which is why some like Amy Thompson couldn’t believe reports that Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Wright tried to shoot his way out when he accidentally locked himself in one of the new holding cells. “I was shocked,” Thompson said, “It was the first day the new Judicial Center had opened, and for something like that to happen was pretty shocking.”

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Comment by shruly

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