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More priests raping children
March 3, 2010, 9:55 am
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NRC: “I ruminated over the thing all night,” said former boarding school pupil Rijk Storm (58) of The Hague. “Everything is coming back to me. It confuses me terribly,” 

As a boy, Storm suffered abuse at the hands of a Salesian in the 1960s. “A priest would grind his body against mine,” he recalled. The director couldn’t keep his hands to himself either, Storm said. “He would console me with his knee in my crotch.”

For Storm, the worst part was having no one to turn to with his story. “My confidence in adults was shaken badly,” he said. Storm is now looking to close the book on this chapter of his life once and for good.

15 stories

The 15 former pupils’ stories, while all different, share certain similarities. One boy was raped repeatedly over the course of two years by a priest who presented himself as a friend to his family with an interest in their son’s future. Another was forced to help ’his’ priest get off in the dormitory. Another’s abuse was limited to groping and inappropriate touching. 

Yet another pupil succeeded in fending off all the inappropriate gestures, but saw how other boys fell prey. “As I passed the priest’s room at 11 o’ clock in the evening, I saw how he and a boy were locked in embrace,” he recalled 

Rijk Storm would lie in his bed at night and hear which boys were returned to the dormitory “weeping heavily and all shaken up”. 

The men’s detailed statements seem to prove the abuse was not incidental. According to the former pupils, at least ten priests and two novices could not keep their hands to themselves.

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