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Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg is a child molester and a homosexual ?!?!?
February 11, 2010, 1:22 pm
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In 2006 Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg tried his best to shut down the Zupnick Mikvah in Jerusalem. He wrote that child molesting and homosexuality took place there. Well, I have been going there for 15 years. I never saw anything of the sort. Therefore I am convinced that Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg is a child molester and a homosexual. As Shakespeare wrote “The lady doth protest too much”.  Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg is obviousely trying to cover up his own pedophile activities by accusing the innocent.

Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg:

To his honor, the great Rabbi, R’ Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss, leader of the bet din of the Edah Charedit in Yerushalayim, and the Rabbis of the BADATZ and the charedi community in Yerushalayim,

I wish to enlighten you to a story that is awesome and terrible, that in our terrible sinful state…..

It is well known that I travel the globe to fix and prepare mikvaos in order that people should be able to purify themselves for the sake of heaven. ………

I would like to testify in front of a beis din that in my sinful state, I stumbled and entered into a “gay bath house” on Friday, erev shabbos parshas metzorah….

Even though I did not do anything, rather I just saw things, it still made a gaping wound in my neshomah and I needed to travel to the mikvaos in German, Cologne, Worms etc, that have been around since the time of the rishonim, and I dipped myself in the cold water in order to remove the filth from my memory so that it shouldn’t haunt me, yet it still haunts me.

And if you wonder, how could I have done such a terrible thing, to visit a place like that, does it not say in the pasuk that ……(stay far away)and especially, me, who is involved in the purification of jews?

The answer is, this abomination was in the mikvah of Yerushaliyim the holy city, and this was the first time in 30 years that I was in Yerushalayim on shabbos, because I always go to Meiron for shabbos, And even worse, the mikvah is in the midst of the charedi communityof Geulah, in the sauna room of the mikvah, in the mikvah of Zupnik, and I didn’t know that there was there a gay bath house, rather, I thought it was a a holy mikvah, to purify the holy nation. And not, god forbid, in my stumbles, I went to be tovel my body and my spirit and I made the terrible mistake of opening the door to the sauna of the mikvah, and I saw what I saw…woe is to my eyes for the horrors that they have seen.

And this is what I saw in the sauna room of the “gay bath house”

1.    2 large darkened rooms, with meavrim tzarim
2.    Sinful people, sitting there on two levels, one on top of the other, kneeling on a stone floor, and massaging one another.
3.    on the lower level, …..
4.    I saw many sinful people giving a hand…..
I saw with my own eyes that there were small children, age seven or eight, that don’t know the taste of sin, and the sinful people would sit them on their laps, and sin with them the bitter, abominable sin of homosexuality(Molesting the children). The sin that is punished by kares and ariri, (Excummunication and early death) and they would rub the “os bris kodesh” of the children until it was hard and when I shouted in protest, they gave me a whack with…..

And this, is what I saw in the actual room of tevilah:

In the mikvah pit, they were acting with little children in a way that would even embarrass those sinners from from Sodom and Gemorah. A house of ill repute like this doesn’t exist by the Jews in any other locale in the world. (There was once a sauna in a mikvah in Williamsburg, and I fought with them until they closed it, but even there, there wasn’t depravity like there is here)

In the last 20 years, amongst the goyim, there had been a growth in the Gay bath houses of the disease of AIDS. Since then, they have shut these places down. If this place would be in America, all the participants would be in jail, and even according to the laws of the Zionist government, such a place would be closed down. But here, in the holy city of Yerushalayim, in beis zupnik, the mikvah remains open and everything is permissible.

And because of this, we are worse than the non jewish nations, even Pharoe and billam knew that god hates sexual depravity, and I fear that god will strike Jerusalem, In order that god shouldn’t have to ask forgiveness from Sodom and Gemorah, because some of the Jews in Yerushaliyim are far worse. ……

When I brought this up with many rabbis and communal activists, they told me that they knew of this sick happening, but what could they do, since it is under the hashgachah of the bedatz of the eidah charedis.
When I brought it up with the eidah charedis, they told me “what can we do, these people subsidize the mikvah for women and for actual talmidei chachamim” woe to my ears.

I answered them that you are purifying the daughters of Israel on the backs of the abominable actions of the sons of Israel…….

I begged them to close it down. I threatened that if they do not close it in the next 3 weeks, I will go to the following 3 places to complain:
1. I will go to the police, I will testify to all that I saw. I have also collected affidavits from many boys and avrechim that have been sacrificed at this sick altar. (Been abused)

2. I will go to the child abuse authorities
3. I will go to the press and tell them that there is a gay bath house that molest children in yerushalayim with the consent of the bedatz, and I will fight with all of my strength to get it closed.

And don’t try to just put a guard there, that will not suffice, such a terrible place must be closed immediately.

He then carries on in his letter about how the Gabai of Skver was raping young boys, and the rebbe knew about it, but he did nothing to stop it, because the gabai knew all of their secrets ETC….

The letter that follows, from the Bedatz, simply states, they will apoint a gaurd (Only on erev shabbos and yom tov) to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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Comment by narc

This guy is a real bastard! Zupnics was a wonderful place till he got his claws on it.

Comment by Jerk


Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Custrate him! then hung his balls maingate of his synagog!

Comment by kamau

You’re a fuckin’ liar. Jehovah God is going to punish you

Comment by Cheryl D. Uzamere


Comment by ELIJAHU

Look, I dont know for sure, but from what he says, he is sick. I never saw anythig of the sort there!

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

Let me tell you something, stupid. First, Jehovah God is going to fuckin’ punish you for slanderous statement.

Secondly, Mr. Rosenberg can sue you for stating that he is sick. I presume you mean mentally ill. Especially since you said that you don’t know for sure, this means that you have no proof of your statement, and that you didn’t care that you have no proof.

I hope that Mr. Rosenberg sue you in court and take all your money, you stupid, lying ass muthafucka.

If I were you, I would get on my knees and apologize. And the next time, you accuse a person of being mentally ill unless you know it to be true.

Lastly, having a mental illness does not make a person wrong. It only makes a person mentally ill. The truth of a message is not affected by a person’s mindset, okay, stupid?

Comment by Cheryl D. Uzamere

Look, this guy is sick! Its obviouse.

Comment by Bark

People who bash Nachum Rosenberg because they are inconvenienced from going to a particular Mikvah betray a stunningly selfish disregard for our children.
My only other explanations are that either you don’t know what good he has done, or you know all too well and are scared of him exposing your own pedophilic activities.

Comment by Avromie

Do not worry. Jehovah is watching the actions of Mr. Rosenberg. Jehovah God knows that it is nearly impossible for children to believe in him once they have been raped. It is even harder for children to believe in Jehovah God if the abuser has not been punished.

Jehovah God has not forgotten about Mr. Rosenberg, nor has He forgotten about the horrible dogs who clothes themselves in airs of respectability to ravage innocent children.

Pray to Jehovah God. Pray hard. Use his name. Jehovah. Beg him. Jehovah God, I am here to do your will. I am your willing and faithful slave. Choose me to do your will, O Jehovah, so that my community can produce children who love you as I do. Please Jehovah, remove the satanic force from the community so that your precious children are not hurt. Amen, and Amen. Jehovah God will help you. Pray hard.

Comment by Cheryl D. Uzamere

U have to love your shade!

Comment by Shragie

I do!!!

Comment by Wikiman

[…] Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg is a child molester and a homosexual …Feb 11, 2010 … In 2006 Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg tried his best to shut down the Zupnick Mikvah in Jerusalem. He wrote that child molesting and homosexuality … […]

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You are a fuckin’, satanic liar. Law of the Moser is satanic doctrine because it hide the wicked acts of the wrongdoer and it disobey Leviticus 5:1 which requires that wicked acts are reported.

I am a Gentile. How the fuck can you stand in front of Jehovah and tell a horrible lie like that?

You are no different than Jezebel, that bitch who got three good-for-nothing men to publicly slander Naboth so that he could be put to death, giving wicked King Ahab a chance to steal Naboth’s land.

Look what the fuck happened to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Ahab was killed by an idiot soldier who didn’t know how to handle a bow and arrow, and Jezebel morphed into dog food.

You fuckin’, lying idiot! You think you can withstand the power of Jehovah??????? If I ever win my lawsuit, I am going to make sure that Mr. Rosenberg kicks your fuckin’ ass, you fuckin’ liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Cheryl D. Uzamere

The ones who attack Rav Rosenberg for his anti pedophile activities, are protecting the pedophiles or are ones themselves.

Comment by undaunted

From a Concerned Gentile:

The personS who attacked Nuchum Rosenberg are idiots who have no respect for Jehovah God or His Power. Law of the Moser is a satanic doctrine that violates Leviticus 5:1 which requires people to report acts of wrongdoing to the higher authorities.

Mr. Nuchum Rosenberg risked his relationship with his people. He risked his shem tov. Actually he risked his life to do Jehovah’s will. Mr. Nuchum is a hero. Whoever called Mr. Nuchum Rosenberg a homosexual is a liar and a slanderer.

I have a lawsuit. The lawsuit caption is Cheryl D. Uzamere v. United States of America, 1:2013-CV-00505 (you can research this on the internet). Most of the defendants are Jews who committed crimes against me and my family based on the horrible halachic doctrine, Law of the Moser, 18 USC §1001, fraud, 18 USC §1028, identity theft, 18 USC §1028A, aggravated identity theft, 18 USC §1962, RICO and 18 USC §1512, 1513, obstruction of justice. I sue for $2,000,000,016.

If I win this lawsuit (which I believe I will if certain corrupt Jews do not influence federal judge William E. Smith, I will make sure that Mr. Nuchum Rosenberg is paid so that he can continue his work protecting innocent children.

I am not crazy about the Jewish community, but men like Mr. Nuchum Rosenberg need to be honored, protected AND PAID WELL so that he can look in the face of his enemies and laugh at them.


Comment by Cheryl D. Uzamere

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