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eat shit and confess to practising witchcraft
February 8, 2010, 12:24 pm
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ABC NEWS: A woman has been tortured by her neighbours for two days and forced to eat human waste before she finally gave in and confessed to practising witchcraft.

Those who beat, punched and kicked Kalli Biswokarma, 47, accused her of casting evil spells on a schoolteacher who had fallen ill in the village of Pyutar, 40 kilometres south of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.

“I was victimised because I am a poor woman,” said Ms Biswokarma, who belongs to the Dalit community – the untouchables on the lowest rung of Nepal’s rigid Hindu caste hierarchy.

“Around 35 people came to my home and took me away. They trapped me in a cow shed and forced me to eat faeces and drink urine.

“The next day they cut my skin with blades. I could not bear the torture and I confessed to being a witch just to save my life.”

Hundreds of Dalit women are thought to suffer a similar ordeal every year in Nepal, where superstition and caste-based discrimination remain rife and where most communities still operate on strict patriarchal lines.

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Looks like the U.S.A. is not the only place with really weird stuff going on.

Comment by psiklon

NASTY!!! FORCED TO EAT POOP!!! What the hell is wrong

Comment by Kaiyu Jiang

im want send me message &video&picto emil.merci

Comment by hitasb zarintaj

This is awful,how could forcibly let your fellow human being eat faeces and drink urine?,can you do it yourself?

Comment by Rev Augustine Blay

she is not human she is an animal

Comment by hhhh


Comment by unknown

I live in the U.S. Los Angles to be precise and I have encountered several people who are self proclaimed witches. Here they use the first amendment of our constitution as a loop hole to justify their disgusting practices and have convinced many people that the secular ideology that witchcraft is superstition and doesn’t work is true. I don’t know if this woman is truly guilty but if she is a witch only an ignorant secular fool would feel sorry for her. According to the Bible she deserves to die. It’s time western Christians start to take this issue more seriously.

Comment by Jack

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