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Want a fake degree? Let me spank you!
February 3, 2010, 2:01 pm
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MAIL ONLINE: A university registrar offered forged degree certificates to women in exchange for spanking sessions to satisfy his sexual fetishes.

Karl Woodgett, 37, told two African women that he was working on a ‘pain management study’ before taking them to a hotel room where he filmed himself smacking and caning them.

Woodgett, who was senior assistant registrar at the University of Bath, initially paid the women for their services in cash but later offered them fake university qualifications instead.

Yesterday, after he was given a suspended jail sentence, it emerged that he also starred in videos on sale on a website that specialises in ‘African spanking videos’.

Woodgett first began producing fake degree certificates for relatives of his Cameroon-born wife while working at the University of Surrey, Bristol Crown Court heard. The certificates can be useful to illegal immigrants.

As a registrar responsible for examinations and awarding students with their qualifications, he forged certificates for Delphine Kah’s mother, stepfather and sisters, whose fake degree subjects included media studies and international services.

James Ward, prosecuting, said his wife’s ethnic origin satisfied Woodgett’s particular sexual interest.

‘He did not want Kah for sex, but to indulge his spanking fetish with her because she had a black bottom,’ he said

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Thank goodness he’s caught and what he did is not just giving a university a bad name but also he is doing a disservice to the ladies and himself.

Comment by whatsaysyou

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