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TROPPER led fight against Israel conversions
December 24, 2009, 3:08 pm
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HAARETZ: It is hard to imagine a more embarrassing situation in which to find an exclusive ultra-Orthodox organization – a group that was a standard-bearer in the fight against “breaches in the wall of conversion” and “the penetration of complete gentiles into the vineyard of Israel.”

These breaches pale into insignificance in comparison with the accusations against the man who heads the organization itself: according to the claims, Rabbi Leib Tropper of Rockland County abandoned the apparently stringent Halakhic standards of his Haredi organization and established a conversion process based on his most private impulses.

A report in the New York Post earlier this week revealed a sensational story about “a prominent Orthodox rabbi has been caught on tape discussing his apparent love affair with a shiksa he was converting to Judaism.”

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What a shock. Against Israely conversions…

Comment by jj


“In the wake of the Leib Tropper scandal, it occurred to me that the reasons I started the media company few years back are still intact. The Jewish blogs are still run by the illiterate and the unenlightened, the repetitive “cut and paste” brigade. Narrowcasting a niche in the most provincial sense of that description. The style is the reflexive regurgitation, the vigilante vegetarianism around the sacred cows. The firm determination of leaving no question unasked. The monotonous alphabet glued apart by the toxic slime of anonymity.

The Jewish MSM media is still like a camel in an ice ring. The cliché clinic. Hopelessly out of the required shallowness. Assuming the target audience of an average autistic child on a deserted island but lacking in juvenile mischief required for covering the heimisher stories. The paper rags are neuvo skilled in paraphrasing the blogs so that the aforementioned blogs have something to “cut and paste” about.”

Comment by atlast

Why be so negative? Unless he is jealous of the hits this blog is getting?

Is there nothing positive???

Comment by X Factor

Very arrogant!!!

Comment by F.F.B.

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