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England to screw over internet users calling it “Digital Economy Bill”
November 25, 2009, 11:45 am
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B.B.C.: The government has laid out its plans to deal with illegal file-sharers as part of its Digital Economy Bill, outlined in the Queen’s Speech.

It includes the power to disconnect persistent pirates.

But its controversial broadband tax is not mentioned and will be launched as part of the Finance Bill, due next year.

Other elements of the bill include a shake-up of the radio spectrum and a classification system for video games.

The bill will, according to the government, “ensure communications infrastructure that is fit for the digital age, supports future economic growth, delivers competitive communications and enhances public service broadcasting”.


Legal framework for tackling copyright infringement via education and technical measure
Oftcom given powers to appoint and fund independently funded news consortia
New duties for Ofcom to assess the UK’s communications infrastructure every two years
Modernising spectrum to increase investment in mobile broadband
Framework for the move to digital radio switchover by 2015
Updating Channel 4 functions to encompass public service content, on TV and online
Age ratings compulsory for all boxed video games for those over 12 years

The plans for tackling illegal file-sharing, detailed earlier this year, will be a two-stage process. Initially the government will aim to educate consumers and, those identified as downloading illegal content, will be sent letters.

If this proves insufficient, technical measures which will include the powers to disconnect persistent pirates, will be introduced in the spring of 2011.

Chief executive of music industry body the BPI, Geoff Taylor, welcomed the bill.

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