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US jews make aliyah because of US depression
November 15, 2009, 9:31 am
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YAHOO NEWS: JERUSALEM (Reuters Life!) – Jewish American math teacher Goldie Burdetsky never expected to find herself working the front desk of a hotel in southern Israel alongside management interns young enough to be her children.


“I mean, for God’s sakes, I have a master’s degree in education,” said the 55-year-old New Yorker. “I expected to be able to find a teaching job in the U.S. without any problems. But I couldn’t.”

Burdetsky decided to escape the dire economic situation back home, by coming to Israel on a program that offers Jews free housing, Hebrew classes, training, and work experience — all of which translate into temporary financial respite.

As the unemployment rate in the U.S. climbed to a 26-year high of 10.2 percent last month, growing numbers of young and adult American Jews were arriving in Israel to inexpensively “wait out” the economic lull.

In an attempt to lure diaspora Jews to make Israel their permanent home, the Israeli government and Jewish organizations offer a multitude of scholarships and travel grants, allowing many to spend up to six months in Israel almost for free.

MASA, which means journey in Hebrew, oversees 160 such programs. It has seen the number of participants double and even quadruple this year, especially among those aged 21 to 30.

Participation in Burdetsky’s hotel management internship scheme jumped from 10 last year to 55 this year.

The World Union of Jewish Students Israel Hadassah, a post-university experience program, recorded a 100 percent increase in registrations, with 100 participants scheduled for the second half of 2009, compared with 50 all of last year.

“With the economy the way it is in North America, more and more Jewish college graduates who can’t find a job are deciding to delay their careers and come to Israel for a while,” said WUJS Israel director Mike Mitchell.


Yahel Segev, marketing director of MASA, said the increase reflects the success of the organization’s marketing strategy.

Its ‘Better Stimulus Plan’ campaign, inspired by the U.S. government’s post-crash economic stimulus package, offers grants to North American Jews for career development in Israel.

“With the Israel stimulus grant we are trying to convince them that while the situation is bad in America, they can spend time in Israel,” Segev said.

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U.S. before the bubble explosion – strong provinces – average mortgage was $ 179,000 Israel – 270,000 $ . The average salary of NIS 7250 here . There, the United States, $ 2,450 . You see what happens.

Comment by Narc

Comment by Narc

(Mishnah Torah Issurei Biah 21:9)

Comment by Narc

He may do with his wife whatever he wants; he may engage in relations whenever he wants, and he may kiss any body part he wants, and he may come upon her in the typical way or not in the typical way, or by way of limbs, as long as he does not waste seed (Tur). And there are those who are lenient and say that the non-typical ways are permitted even if he does spill seed, if is is done occasionally, and they do not become accustomed to it (also Tur in the name of Ri). And even though all this is permitted, he who sanctifies himself with what is permitted to him is called holy (Divrei HaRav).
ויכול לעשות עם אשתו מה שירצה, בועל בכל עת שירצה ומנשק בכל אבר שירצה, ובא עליה בין כדרכה בין שלא כדרכה, או דרך אברים ובלבד שלא יוציא זרע לבטלה (טור). ויש מקילין ואומרים שמותר שלא כדרכה אפילו אם הוציא זרע, אם עושה באקראי ואינו רגיל בכך (גם זה טור בשם ר”י). ואע”פ שמותר בכל אלה, כל

Comment by Narc

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