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wife wanted $3000 back from husbands prostitute
November 3, 2009, 12:18 pm
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STUFF: A high-profile sportsman’s wife threatened $1200-an-hour prostitute and stripper Lisa Lewis with a Disputes Tribunal case to recover thousands of dollars her husband paid her.

Sunday News obtained a series of communications between Hamilton-based Lewis and the sports star’s wife – who wanted $3000 back from the former naked TV newsreader and celebrity streaker.

“I need you to repay back the money my husband gave you,” the man’s wife said in a text message sent on Tuesday evening.

“I am giving u the chance to do the decent thing first. We have 6 young children to support and we need that money repayed (sic).”


Above The high profile Lisa Lewis

In a voice message left on Lewis’ cellphone, the wife said: “You didn’t actually provide him with any services. We can look at going to the Small Claims Court or something like that because really you need to repay it.”

Sunday News agreed not to identify the man – a controversial figure over his sporting career – after his family said the story would affect his children.

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