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half a brain
October 15, 2009, 10:39 am
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She got more than I was given !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Im a half witt.

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

im half lit !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

I’m half schiz—ophrenic

Comment by X Factor

Look after this, just leave me alone. You won’t be able to read or comprehend this due to your condition.
First off, your spelling is and grammar skills are terrific. Look at the way you spelled the word waiste!…. It’s WASTE….. This is exactly what you are. A waste of time, a waste of a mind, you are what I consider just a total waste. I have asked you in the past not to call me an idiot, I have also in the past asked so kindly for you to not to call me Mr. Mobster!—in your twisted mind you seem to imagine that I am obsessed with you? LoL obsessed with what? YOU?….. I was obsessed with something, but in the name of G_D I am telling you right now! My so called obsession had not a drop to do with you it has to do with something about you, It will be on the last line of this comment. I have never lied to you; I am sure as heck not going to lie about anything to you now as well. YES! Obsessed indeed, as a matter of fact more than obsessed. I was actually possessed, even to the point of haunted yes haunted, by what? I will get to that at the end of this comment Mrs. GEM,.. First off how dare you post a picture of me? How dare you insinuate that I am some kind of crazed frenzied nut? How dare you imply and associate the word mafia to me? How dare you call me a drug addict pill head? I have done nothing wrong to you, when you were hanging out with me, do you have an honest bone in your body? Do you. You tell me that I have ever tried to hurt you. I am not like that, I don’t have an evil bone in my body, tell me how bad I treated you? You can’t! Well actually you can, that’s if you want to liar and lie your ass off for your blog friends. That’s all fine and good with me, I know what I know and I know that I have not done anything to hurt you. You wish me off the face of the earth? Meaning what? Are you saying or somehow wishing and hoping for my death? I am going to fill you in on something! I indeed have cancer, diagnosed just about a year ago. I do take heavy medication, been taking it for about 5 months now. Yes my state of mind has been distorted from the medication. Before 5 months ago nothing, yes tom boy! Prior to 5 months ago not a single pill-not a single drug-, Nothing. I am in no way a career drug addict alcoholic like you are. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming you, I was indeed fortunate enough not to have a destructive childhood like you did, and I did not have to endure the kind of rebellious upbringing like you did. Yeah I know all about it!!. Since you also called me a BITCH! That signifies to me that you are undeniably a heartless S.O.B, Just from the shit you said about me, and the picture you posted of me says it all. I am going to say this once again—-when we were chilling, I treated you animal? I just want you to keep this in the back of your mind. I treated you like dirt? I treated you like an object instead of a human? Is that what I did? No!No! In all actuality that’s exactly how you treated me, did I warrant that kind of treatment? Girl you constantly pushed all my buttons with such wickedness. It was almost like you were programmed to behave in that manner, I don’t know instilled past sick relationships? I’m not going to do an analysis of your subliminal. I really don’t care. I will so admit yes, when you met me I was under the influence. It’s part of reason I made the bad choice of pursuing a friendship with you. Never in my life would I. Shit look where I met you…..WOW! If that does not speak for its self, I don’t know what does. That day I was practically begged by one of my friends NOT to even engage in a word with you, none the less a phone number. That is now the past I did not listen and went on with it anyway. I did get to like you, yeah I liked you a lot, heck you were fun to hang out with. I just wished you did not need TWO 6 packs every 3 hours, To be honest I have never seen anything like that in my life I guess I have been sheltered from alcoholics. ! NOW! NOW! TO ADDRESS THE ILLISIONS IN YOU’RE NONE FUNCTIONING BRAIN. Pathetic comments, attention I need? Attention from whom? YOU! You my darling and your infatuation with me was way over board, completely out of control. Be honest with yourself for a change, come on now! Dam I have many of woman hook line and sinker on me, but in all honesty, you took the cake, you really took the cake. Yeah I did it and I did it fast. This I know fuked your whole ego up. I did not press on it, I did not throw it back up in your face, this whole B.S your throwing at me is just a result of how you fell deep and hard for me. I respected it. I am not conceded like you, did I throw it in your face? Did I smash you all over the internet with comments and pictures and video’s, yeah I have it. I did record! – I could care less, No I am not going to make a blog about you, for what? So I can be like you to impress my friends? You are the one with damaged brain, girl I have never in my life needed the attention you allege I need. What would be goal? To show everyone how I got a woman infatuated and madly in love with me in like 2 weeks? Oh yeah all while being physically sick and drugged out! I DON’T ROLL LIKE THAT, IT DOES NOTHING FOR ME. You know the true story behind this; you don’t have the balls to tell the truth about what on between us. I on the other hand do not have any interest in speaking of it. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! THE OBSESSION TO LEAH KLEIM THING, “HEY “A LITTLE ADVICE HERE, PROUDLY?? DON’T BE SO PROUD! —– MY OBSESSION TO YOU—All after the fact by the way, was in no way by no means an obsession, It was a fucken haunting, H.I.V= A.I.D.S,, use your half a brain, that by the way has been lit by substance abuse since 12 yo…Come on you can do it. I know you can think there has got to be some synapsis left in your brain that can still fire in there. You I believe Mrs. Suicidal tendency carry what is known as the H.I.V virus, and by your creepy narcissistic personality, along with your turbulent back seat of an Audi lifestyle.. My obsession was finding out if you Mrs. Neurotic gave it to me. There is your obsession right there. I have been in and out of the blood lab for weeks on end. As for a blog, don’t worry do you think I have time for a blog dedicated to you. You should have taken my A.C diner invite Gem..I would have given you a face to face. To me you are nothing more than a child, with many mental hang-ups, stemming way back. When I asked you about H.I.V you should have been honest, that’s something you just can’t seem to do. I wonder in your entire life, have you ever been honest? Oh yeah as for my friends? It’s up to you want do you want to press the issue? You got me blasted one night and I slipped out something to you. Oh yeah this want to be hacker? Well all he wanted to do was find out if you had this so called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. No interest or intent of posting pictures or videos of you. I see you have an interest of doing it to me. Leah Kleim A.K.A I will post anything….. Hey clueless!, you should only know about Mr. Wanna be boy…… Strongly suggest you leave that alone. I really could give 2 shits.
THIS HURTS! Her! It’s got to. The truth always hurts.
Let your Blog buddies see this. PAGE 5,
Change the name of the post, to Obsession to know the truth about Leah, Kleim.

I am so done with you!
I found out my results, so far they are N.E.G… Takes a year or so, I will always be wondering. ” Hey post another picture of me” Have I posted a picture of you? NO !

Comment by obsession2nobody

Yeah I am a wee bit ticked off that you would post my picture, along with the crap and lies that came with it. But I have to look at where its all coming from, Girl you are indeed a problem child that has grown old. I mean look at this, I wish I would have know about your problems 3 months ago. The following should be brought in to the school of pathological liars. Yep you are a nut. I personally don’t believe a word out of your mouth. Enjoy– To Whome This May Concern.
I am Leah Kleim, or rather I should say, you know me as Leah Kleim, My name is Leah O’connor.
Recently I have received an alarming rate of phone calls, some complimenting me, some trashing me, and some informing me that my legs will be broken soon. I have to tell you, this all started happening so suddenly and out of the blue, that I was shocked,
I was angry, and I was curious all at the same time. I started receiving an overload of E mails too, most of them were written to me, but not sent to me, they were sent to an E mail address
that belongs to someone else, and then that person would forward them to my E mail address for me to read. Some of them they answered and some of them they didn’t. The whole time this was going on, I was left in the dark, I had no idea what any of it was about, or why it was happening.
Then I received a phone call asking me why I had posted an artical
and pictures on PLAYCHOSSID, I had no idea what they were talking about and i had never heard of the site either.
So here I am reading this now and I am appalled and disgusted and determined to find out who did this and why.
I know that whoever did this is also the same person who made many of the phone calls to my house, using SPOOFTELL.COM, so that someone elses phone number shows up, the E mails I am receiving are also a little funny, see a large amount of them are coming from, the same 2 IP addresse’s and the pictures that are posted of me,the proporties on the pix, are connectected to the IP address that I am getting e mails from, funny coincidence? or stupid mistake? I guess time will tell.

Anyone that knows me, knows this, I left New York about 11 years ago, I went back to visit once, and have never been back scince, I was a wild child and I had my fun and did some pretty stupid things, but when I left all of that ended, and i became an all American tax paying apple pie baking mommie, no drugs no parties, I got married in 1998 and we had or first of three kids in 1999, Ariela, who is now 7, 17 month’s later came Boruch Nosson,
who is 5, a year and a half after that came baby Baila who is 4 now. I dont know why anyone would do this, I havent done anything to hurt anyone, or to deserve this, I read some of the comments that are posted too, and they are sick, and turn my stomach, one of them says, “Please post the entire thing, pix, video’s , I cant wait” VIDEOS?????????????? what are these people talking about? who is feeding them this shit?, I highly doubt that I am the first person to have provacotive pictures of myself, but those are mine, those are not for the whole world to have, my pc was hacked through msn messenger and all my pictures were taken, and now i see why, the dates on those pictures are not even right .those pictures were taken in sep of o6′ .
Every thing that you go through in life teaches you something and builds charachter, WHAT DOSENT BREAK YOU MAKES YOU !
I take that verry seriously and I live by it, in every expierience you have in life you can gain knowledge, Like me being hacked a few months ago, it sucked, I lost alot of important things, it cost me alot of money but it also stirrred
my curiosoty, and it made me find out how and why, it tought me alot it was an expensive lesson but one verry
worth it and one that I am glad I was lucky enough to learn.
I did not write the story on playchossid, nor did I have anything to do with it. I dont know who wrote it, and I dont know who
Playchossid is. I do know this though, the person who had the audacity to write it, and do that to me is someone who
is, or at one point was verry close to me, and I know that because of what was written about my sister passing away,
and the whole story about the Lubavitcher Rebbe that went along with it, that is true it really happend, and I think that
its horrible and wrong for whoever did this to put that story into the nasty mess of trash that they posted about me.
Even though I am not religious and I dont agree with much of what Lubavitch has turned out to be, and I think its a
real shame to look at crown heights now and see the low point that they have reached , and how Lubavitch has changed
so much since the rebbe passed away, and not in a good way. I have always had respect for the Lubavitcher Rebbe,
and I always will, he was a great man a real Tzadik, A man that I can tell you unbelieveable stories about, but I would never
put them in the same story as the one that is posted about me. Who ever did this to me must be a really sad lonely soul,
I have enogh problems going on in my life right now, and I dont feel the need to post them on the internet, I am way passed
everything I went through in Crown Heights and during my childhood and I dont feel the need to dig it up and open old wounds.
The things that were said about me on Playchossid are not even true, well most of them arent true, so now
I would like to set the record straight, and I’ll start from the begining.
When I lived in monsey, I was actually back on the path to being religious, I was in a relationship with someone for 3 1/2 yrs and I was keeping shabbos and I was shomer negiah, I was working at Hatzlacha grocery
saving money to get my own apartment, I never had sex with Shaya Glick the reality is I never had sex with anyone in monsey, I was really trying hard I was giving religion another shot, as for Avi Borochuv, he is a great guy
I knew him, not to well, but he was always nice, he would always talk to me when I was down, and I NEVER, did
any drugs with him, he was verry against drugs, he had 3 children and he was a devoted father, not a drug user. As for Matt Fortgang, The same goes for him, he was a good friend of mine, always there for me if I needed him, nothing sexual happend with him either, and I never smoked any “weed” with him, yes when I was 15 I started smoking pot, but by the time I was living in monsey I had quit, I just did not like it, no other reason, so no I never smoked pot with Matt, and on Shabbos to? NO ! I was keeping Shabbos then.
Titty bar hopping, yes that is something that i did to, but again at a different time in my life, not while I was living in Monsey, I did that at 15 or 16 to, in Bklyn with other lubavitch kids.
Shelly’s pizza is where I used to take my lunch break, because I worked right next door at Hatzlacho,
I would help them out in the kitchen when they got bussy, and they would always make me an awsome lunch,
but the only “lines” there were the ones that were all the way out the door on motzi shabbos.
Erez Ben-Zvy was my ex’s partner we all went out a few times and played pool and went out to eat, I used to go snow plowing with them in the winter time, but like I said before, I was done with pot by then, I wasn’t doing any drugs at all. And as for Ari schiller, yes I dated him, but no I did not have sex with him in his brothers bed, or his fathers sukkah, even I dont have that much Chutzpah. I was shomer negiah and shomer shabbos at that time, and I use to spend shabbos and yom tov with his family and I slept in the girls room, and he slept in the boys room.
As for Rabbi Chaim Yaffee, Me and my younger sister stayed at his house on and off for 10 month’s while my sister was alive, she was born verry sick, and she was in and out of the hospital the whole time she was allive,
my parents spent weeks at a time by her side and me and my sister were young, and needed to be taken care of so Rabbi Yaffe and his wife took us in on top of there own 8 kids and took care of us so that my parents could be with our sister, and spend as much time possible with her before she got taken away from them, I owe them so much thanx, I will never be able to repay them for what they did for me.
The same goes for Shimshon Stock, he took me in when I was 14 yrs old and had nowhere to go, my parents had thrown me out on the street and Shimson Stock took me in, I spent sukkos at his house, he was verry nice to me and took good care of me, he never touched me, he never kissed me, that’s an outrageous bunch of horse shit. But I will say that I called him this past October, because I was in a pretty bad situation and he was
rude, and insulting and degrading to me because as he put it, I am not frum, and he told me to call a church and see if they could help me. And the stuff about Shnainy Kaplan is so far from true, I was born in July, I was at Shimshons house in October, I had just turned 14 yrs old I had never even kissed a boy. And as for yankee Pregar, the same goes for him, it never happend, if something like that was happening in the same room I was in, I assure you, I would leave the room.
Rabbi Bryskie, did punch me in the face, I did nothing wrong, I said nothing to him, he had no right or reason to do that to me, and for a little guy, he sure can pack a punch, they say he is strong as an ox, they’re not lying!
Mendy bruck did not get me pregnant, the first time I was pregnant was 8 yrs ago and I was married, and a beutifull baby girl named Ariela was born, I have never had an abortion, I am pro life not pro choice!
when I was pregnant the doctors try’d to push me to have an amnio done to make sure that my children were
not going to be born with, Hydrocephiliss, or Spina Bifida, which is what my little sister was born with,
I refused the test because the only option they offer you if the results are possitive is abortion, and no matter what G-D was giving me as a child I was going to have it, I dont believe that it is my right or my place to decide if a baby lives or dies.
Yossi Goredtski, that could take hours, but I’m not here to tell the story of my life so I’ll make it short and sweet.
I never slept with Yossi either, actually the article that was written was right, Yossi was a great friend, he saved my butt so many times, he was always there for me , he was like a big brother to me, he never hurt me, or did anything wrong to me, he would have given me anything I ask’d for he was a really good guy and a true friend to me, its a shame that he’s gone because if you were able to look passed the rumors and the bull shit, Yossi was an amazing person.
As for my parents, My mother has always been the first one to stab me in the back, and kick me when I was down, I’m over it and passed it.
But my step dad, there’s another one who was there for me so many times when noone else was, even after I did some pretty messed up things to him he always came through for me, even after him and my mother were not together any more, I was able to turn to him.
And last but not least Yisroel Shem-Tov.
I had my disagreements with him for years, he was always on my case, and I was always in his face, he did spend alot of time talking to me and trying to straighten me out when I was on a self destructive path, but of course I didnt listen because I was a teenager, I knew better. Me and Shem-Tov have a strange history, but nothing sexual ever, he never touched me, or acted inappropriately towards me. One year on sukkos, yes we did get arrested together, and we got to ride to the 71st together. He had that red head hot temper, and I had the Irish blood and temper from my father running through me, and neither one of us liked defeat so we would butt heads and I would push his buttons it was stupid and immature of me, but whats done is done I cant change the past.
I left Crown Heights because of the drama, because I wanted to have a family and live a normal happy life
I only went back to visit once, I really did not want that unhealthy drama in my life, But apparantly even after
10 yrs there is still someone out there who has the need to cut into me, I cant figure out who or why, but I’m going to keep on trying, the E mail address in the article is not mine, the phone number was mine but I’m not there
anymore for reasons I’m not going to go into. But when I was at that number I did recieve a few phone calls about the blog, verry vague not really saying much exept things like, “I read what you wrote” ” nice pictures”
so I didnt really think anything about it, I have a myspace account and i write blogs on it I thought thats what they were talking about, it did kinda get me how they got my number but I let it go.
My blogs on myspace have nothing to do with Crown Heights, or my ” jewish life” I only wrote a blog on my space about something jewish once, it was in march of 06, and ironicly enough the blog was about “THE YENTA PAGES” I had just read that page and i was pretty curious about who was doing it and why so i wrote a blog about it and then I wind up here, on the new improved yenta pages coincidence or revenge?
I dont know how many people saw it or read it, how many people believe it or dont, I hope not to many because its not true and its not me, but I know it can hurt people and cause damage and all the people who really know me know I am not like that at all I like to play and I like to talk shit and I like to write but I’m not a hurtfull person, thats why when I was a kid I always let everything go, There were so many times so many stories that happend to me, and the people who did the things they did to me should have sat in jail and rotte’d, but I let it go, because I always felt bad and thought “well they messed up” that dosent mean I should take there life away and put them in jail
I wont mention any names but I took a beating from hell on albany ave by 3 guys, I was a 14 yr old 98 lb girl and they pulled me out of a car and beat the hell out of me, I thought they were going to kill me I dont know how I lived through it they beat the living daylights out of me because they didn’t approve of who I was friends with, I somehow got up after they left me in the middle of the street and started stumbeling home, and someone had called the police, the police stopped me and talked to me, they took me to the station to make a report and I did, they said they had a solid case and would put them away, I dropped the charges 2 days later because I felt bad putting them away, they had families.
Thats me thats Leah Kleim.
I am not spitefull or out to hurt anyone who ever wrote all of this and stuck my name to it has alot of nerve, I am not out to cause anyone any trouble but who ever did this went to far, I am a mother to 3 innocent children
I do not need this in my life, if i were to write something about my expierience’s in Crown Heights it would make this Playchossid stuff look nice and sweet, the details of what I went through are grusome, but I choose to leave them where they belong, in the past.
Who ever you are that post’s this Playchossid blog please take the stuff about me down. and in the future check your sources a little bit better before you post things that can really hurt people.
I wont post my phone number, I dont need more drama in my life, but I will post my E mail address, not the one that someone made up for me, but if you just want to E mail me obnoxious ignorant stuff, dont waiste your time, I wont respond.

Comment by obsession2nobody

why do you really think you were born with less then half a brain? I don’t think so!! If that were the case, you would have never been able to put up with me! No I’m not yelling, nor acting stupid,just saying– anyone that can put up with my shit for more then a week has got to be genius ! Hey how’s chaser belly doing?

Comment by obsession2nobody

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