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escaped, sawing off his own leg
October 11, 2009, 12:00 pm
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An 18-year-old construction worker trapped in the rubble of a building that collapsed during the earthquake in Indonesia escaped after sawing off his own leg.

Ramlan, from Padang, was working on the seventh floor of a building under construction when the quake hit the city on 30 September.

The teenager’s leg was crushed beneath a falling concrete girder as he and his colleagues were attempting to flee the building, leaving him trapped and alone.

Ramlan attempted to pull his leg free so he could escape to safety, but found himself trapped. He was able to reach a hoe, and began to hack at his leg, but the blade was too blunt to penetrate the bone.

Fortunately, his mobile phone had survived undamaged, and Ramlan was able to telephone his friend and colleague Eman, who returned to the building to help.

Eman, 53, located a trowel, and handed it to Ramlan, who continued to hack at the crushed limb, but again found he could not penetrate the bone. Eman then found him a saw, and Ramlan began to saw through his leg, but was too weak to continue.

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