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October 1, 2009, 4:53 am
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Thursday, October 1, 2009
This Post Is Finished…

Anonymous said…
From; Master,A.K.A Bubbale.This Post Is Not Finished !!!Finish it! I’m literally on my last legs, waiting so Anxiously to view it.I doubt I will empathize nor sympathize with the final product.I will Scrutinize it once done,opposing views? Almost certainly.I will respond my analysis of it.Oh Yeah- After this! Drai mir nit kain kop! Drai zich. אין דרערד אַרײַן

Comment From This Post

First of all, you are far from on your last leg ! You wont be there until I’m through with you and you are through with me. You don’t have to empathize nor sympathize, applaud or appreciate this final product. You miss me ? I miss you too. Yeah I love you, sure Ill get a tattoo just for you.

Lets jump out of our fantasy and dance with reality for just a little bit, for just the time it takes to read this shit. You love the game ! I love the game ! we both found solace and comfort in each other because we are both entangled in the game together… the risk and the hit and run the escape, the shoot to kill, the trophy, the gold medal !

We both won , we both lost, yes Master you won the game, Bubbale I hit twenty one too ! So now were both stuck between a rock and a hard place… or a slippery warm wet and hard place,only time will tell and I will yell… NUCH A MULL ! NUCH A MULL ! ZISKEIT !

Fuck yeah it was full of fun and cum, but I know how to detach, I AM THE MASTER at that disaster ! I never lose the drop it like its hot game ! Try me, play me, love me and leave me believe me …. I love the game, live the game, play the game and win the game. Even when I’m bad…I’m good… and so are you Bubbale.

Yes Master, this is the finished post. No matter where I roam … YOU ROAM WITH ME ! And you love it, you want more. Guess what, so do I. Its the game we love, it’s the love of the game… the comfort and solace that the game gives us, it’s the rush, the blush, the kiss, the danger of the hit and miss, that’s what gives us both heavenly bliss.

Addicted to love in all the wrong places, looking for love in all the wrong faces. For the love of the game !

Lets play Bubbale !
Kiss me !
You miss me ?

You can be A groyser tzuleyger (a big shot) and so can I, then we both lose and are both A ritch in kop (crazy in our heads) but I think we are already hit that stage… that’s why we created our own imaginary stage to perform our play on. 21 !

Miss me ?
I miss you too.
For the love of the game
Because of the game of love.
Its the land of make believe, Welcome to Narnia ! Full of fantasies and dreams never cum true…


Leah Kleim.

P.S. Afh yenems tuches is gut sepatchen (Someone Else’s ass is /better to spank) … But I love being spanked ! you knew that though… and you love it !

Pull my hair !

Leah Kleim.


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[…]You got it baby ! The Leah Kleim fan club ![…] but this one… this is not a fan. This is like sitting at the table hitting 21 and having the seichel (brains) to pick up your chips when you win… and know you won !

But who won ? me or him ? both of us ? did me and the deaer both strike a 20 ? If so Ill split, and double up my money.

Miss me ?
kiss me !
To play the game with me !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

typo… DEALER

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

U GOT MAIL !!!!!!!!!!

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

I fucking hate reading anything I wrote. I read it and find so many flaws in it, even though I read it over and over again before I posted it. G0D damn I fucking hate it all.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

We are all your biggest fans.

Comment by nick

U bet

Comment by X Factor

I hate what I write.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

I write what I hate.

Comment by F.F.B.

So do I. thats the fucking problem !

Comment by Leah Kleim


Comment by X Factor

U 2 Sweety.

Comment by Leah Kleim

I missed the Target. I was actually talking about my self
I wrote a post and said that I would write a profile on you. Call it a profile call it an analysis call it the lies that hurts. That’s all your problems and issues. Hate me, because I am NOT able to see right through you and write the painful truth about you. I couldn’t care less, you never know me because I hide behind a mask as wellas false bravado. I never show my true colors because they are always dark and ugly. I am weak; I can’t take the pain…beauty hurts! I can do the crime and the time and I showed you nothing…

This is all about me though.
I’m a pathological liar, if you told me you jumped off the Chrysler building and lived I would tell you I jumped off a spaceship in mars. I always have to go one up on it.

I am a lier a alcoholic as well a sex addict, and coming from a lier alcoholic sex addict, let me tell you I can not even figure my self out. It’s very easy to fool me cause I am blasted drunk most of the time. So I can be taken advantage of almost always, but I’m so sure I can’t fool you ! Aside from the drinking I’m hooked on I have have mental addictions as well,one of them being I must always try to top the other person.I am as well addicted to love but I don’t know how to accept it because it’s my addictions which contradict with love It is so hard for me to tell the truth,I lie so much I just cant tell the truth.

I have in the past been a pill head,which has turned me into a bullshitter.

I seek attention in any way I can get it because in my brain it validates me. Some idiots actually fall for my load of crap but a certain person I met is far from one of them.I found it so difficult I had to run away from him.

When you lied to I so deserved it.After all you give what you get.I found myself fucking with the master of disaster.

I know what I went into jail for, I know i lied and said my bail went from 20K when it was really 10k to 0 K in six days. I know I have an army. I know that as soon as I walked out of jail I could have went back. It’s allpaert of my sickness But I did it with stupidity and lack of common sense, yet I did it with a dumb smile on my face. Something I have no guilt about.

I also have a case of A.D.H.D i suffer from disorientation,I am delusional and pathological lier…I have asked my shrink,he says the same.I met a man to whom I tried to treat honestly but it was impossible due to my narcissistic bull shit bad girl attitude.

He was as expected terrified ! of the life I lead, so he ran on me, as did all the rest.It’s just I’m scared of tomorrow,so I run, I just can’t seem to hack life that’s why I mask it with alcohol. In person I’m a different person, a clown. Someone who has painted there face and plays a part of Mrs Happy, Mrs feel good.

Listen to how i mind fuck people and lead them on …. sanity is far from a word that can be attached to me,I swear im insane !

I can tell you all about delirium tremors, I can write the A+ psychology papers on it and have. I can also tell you about delusions, in one simple sentence. I AM SO FULL OF THEM.

I met this real nice guy I wanted nothing from him, he treated me like gold, I was once standing in the street with ripped clothing looking horrible, what did he do? He dressed me, I hugged him, here was a guy who meant no harm to me, and here was a guy that was pure, something I’m not used to. I walked the streets with him asking people who I never met in my life, I asked these people over and over again, does he love me? I must have asked 50 people they all said the same thing, NO! for they knew my game, they knew he was not like the rest, they knew I was only trying to pull the same crap I pull on every dam guy I meet, for some reason I could not take anything from him. I bragged about leaving $20 in his car! How is that for an ego bust on myself, the guilt I felt was horrific for the money came from a source of my own brutal extortion. I have now lost this guy, he found me out, I knew he found me out, he became so cold on me, I lied to him to many times, I told him I love him way to many times, he knew I was full of crap, I even gave him a straight look into my deceiving eyes, told him I love you, what went wrong? my B.S regularly works, not on this one. This one was too sharp, I gave him the regular lines, pull my hair, do it to me like you paid for it, pull my hair, I gave him 20 more lines, lines to which I wish not express here, little did I know with each and every B.S line I threw him, it made him sicker and sicker towards me, he knew I was a total fake with him both physically and mentally right from the get go. The problem with him was that I played him from day one so he played along; he also played stupid, the more I played him the more stupid he got with me, he got bored with me fast this one, I should have never let him see me sweat, The guy must have turned down at least 30 invites from me, I now understand why. I could have sworn he was the most jealous guy in the world, he actually is, the issue is that his jealousy is only invoked when he is in love with a woman, that I have now come to understand, for how could he love me when all I did was play him, he said a couple of times to me that he did, but it was sort of like pulling teeth. I even went as far as saying to him. You are the most jealous person i have encountered in my life…but who can blame you? You want me and I am a gem! 😉 LOL I told him I am a gem! 🙂 Little did I know this particular man has been with many true gems 🙂 so he can tell between a gem;) and a gem;) so how dare I say that to him? I know he has told me, he promised me he would never hurt me, I wonder what he means by that, maybe I should dare ask him to try and hurt me, I wonder if he could? I would say yes, this guy can hurt me. Particularly mentally this male can indeed mentally hurt me. He was so on to me I had no choice; I fucked up and told him. You are the biggest liar I have ever met in my life. You are the most paranoid multiple personality that I have bumped into. Go figure, I met you at a shrink’s office…what am I left with? Nothing, What is he left with? Ask and you shall find out. I should ask, who knows if I ask, I might find out what a true gem;)looks like.TRY ME? I BEG YOU? Bliss? Come on! Put the bottle down!

Would you like me to go on … ? GO ON…I’M BEGGING YOU !This is a true story, I kept it with out hurt—- Trust me you don’t want me to go on. gem;) YOUR OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND. YOUR SO HIGH ON THAT HORSE IM SUPRISED YOUR NOSE IS NOT BLEEDING. YOU ARE A NUTTY ONE.FUCK THE PITTY I HAD FOR YOU. THIS LITTER IS SERENE! TRY ME.

You never watched the movie…
But it lasted 9 and 1/2 weeks….We Watched it !Whats your point? The smile on my face and the bull shit you tried to mask as grace ….I could not even look at your face. I could be the nicest guy in the world… or the worst mother fucker you ever met,cunt…. Call another one is waiting just like you were on the phone. REMEMBER! I have gone not a fucken day with out a girl by my side…. GIVE A CALL! its not jealousy it’s reality… I cared for you dumbo, never lusted for you. I have lust sitting right beside me. Come meet we will go to dinner, I ill eat, while you look at her and eat your heart out. NOW DRINK TO THAT! OH YEAH, and DRINK TO THIS THAT AND THE OTHER THING. STICK THAT IN YOUR HAT…. U——–.

Comment by CHROWNHIGHTS770

Should I post your comment CHROWNHIGHTS770 ?

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself


Comment by Leah Kleim

Can I become a fan?

Comment by Fargo

Should I post your comment CHROWNHIGHTS770 ?
I say yes A.S.A.P… POST IT ! This guy sounds like he knows,I would love to what else he has to say about you: I dout he would even give a dam about you anymore.He sure sounded like he fooled you!!!.. Do you know this CHROWNHIGHTS770 ? He sure sounds a lot like you, he must have played with your head pretty damm good. I would say from the looks of that comment,he sure know’s more then you think he know’s about you. Sure Sounds like he has got you down to the tee. If I were you I would stay clear from him. Anymore more truth like that about you, destructive truthful assessment, Ya Know! Sounds like this guy got you anxious, becareful it’s so ovbious you were engrossed with him. Stay clear,of him, Hey Lovelifelikeyourself– DID HE DUMP YOU JUST LIKE THAT? why?

Comment by obsession2nobody

I’m always getting dumped.

Comment by X Factor

I didnt rread the whole mess, but the bit that I did waste my time on cracked me up. He is way past a fan ! he is obsessed with me the guy is nuts….his name is craig.

Comment by Leah Kleim

I started anew one and posted page one…..

Comment by Leah Kleim

He does sound like one of those who is way past a fan! We are all fan’s of yours Leah, but are you being honest? I did read the whole comment,I’m far from a theologian, but from what I saw in his comment, it sure looks like this so called obsessed guy dumped you. How obsessed can he be? The guy blatantly called you a derelict,and then dropped and chucked you.To me this guy clearly sounds like one smart male Gigolo.I have read alot about you! heck your the great Leah Kleim– Author of the game! Author of the casino! COULD IT BE? might you have been just a player in this Gigolo’s rigged casino.

Comment by obsession2nobody

Hey you are such special person. If I have a car and some money, could I get what I want too? I don’t mind being a patzy for you? As long as your special.


Ahuh, Sounde like you two have issues

Comment by X Factor

I dont have any issues though !;)

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

I Know! No one here does!

Comment by Fargo

That should rap it up!
Be Safe! Cute Face.

Comment by obsession2nobody

Hey you are such special person. If I have a car and some money, could I get what I want too? I don’t mind being a patzy for you? As long as your special.

Sorry forgot about that one!
That sould rap it up.

Comment by obsession2nobody

Hey if one of you guy’s on this blog can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I was sent the following ” VIA ” TEXT MESSAGE! I can NOT make heads or tails of what it means, It was sent to me in a sort of a broken slang from of Yiddish, If anyone might be able to some how Decode what the following means, I would be so appreciative. ” I can NOT say who they are from, but trust me you guy’s know this person very well” Here They Are.—-

Du farshtey nisht a bissel ididsh. Un du retz nisht idish. Kish mir in tuches mit dain farshtunkena bubba meises. Vus tizuch ? Du bist a chaleria ? A beh.

ama ? Vus is dain maise ?

a gite nacht ziskeit. Gay shlufin yingele un hut a sach shaina buba meises tantzen in dain kup.

un nisht gegain tzu google tzu zugen idish tzu mir. Du farshtasht nisht a bissel idish !

ich hut cholomim mit a hayse man essen mir.

Ich bin shikur mit freilach !

du hut nisjt kain saichel ! Un du farshtey nisht a biisel idish. Uber …. Geb mir a tirutz. Nisht a farkakte oisgefucked tzufligled googl vurt fun klain

e kinderlach.

ich hut gezuked tzu dir ich lib dir. Uber du vilst gegain meshugane oif mir. Un all di tug fin di vuch do gay mishige. Ich vilst nisht dus. Dain kup iz n

ebach a chaleria. Trach gut vet zain gut ! Chazak ! A bi gezunt.

That’s about it! there is a million more texts from this person, but they are in English!…

Thanks again…. ” who ever is the first to help me translate this, I will do you a favor and make you laugh your ass off, ” oh and you will! let me tell you LOL !….. Thanks guy’s

Comment by obsession2nobody

I’M BAAAAAACK ! Shoot me a topic and I’ll splash you’r screen with a master piece of humility, vulgarity, truth, and dissaster ! 😉

I took a break, but now I’m back in the game.

Leah Kleim.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Comment by Td

I love to be back, now shoot me a topic !

Comment by Leah Kleim

Why not all women become lesbian.

Comment by X Factor

I think all women are lesbian, or bisexual. I know I am. A woman knows how to touch a woman better than any man ever can… but we all need big hard dick too ! Most men dont know how to go down, they like to, they try to, but they dont know how too.

A woman knows a womans touch, her soft spots her hot spots… and they are very sensuaal with each other…I know ! I fucked a shliachs wife while he watched ! and she loved it and came (literaly)
back for more while he watched and strocked his dick. Then he fucked her while I sat on her face and she sucked me off into singing amazing grace !



Leah Kleim

Comment by Leah Kleim

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