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7fatcow gets shechted!
September 16, 2009, 6:05 am
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For a while, i’ve preferred quietly bowing out to dramatic public announcements, not wanting to endlessly retire like an aging rock band. But now, a solid three years into the exciting creation and invitation of theis forum into being, i’m stepping down formally, from any inolvement with 7fatcow, unconvinced that it exists at all.

No bitterness. Dissapointment would imply expectations, and all my hopes and expectations for this blog where satisfied right away, constantly, along with all my concerns and suspicions, re: the inevitably difficult nature of True Expression and Engagement. That was understood from the beginning to be OK. Sometimes, when you talk with people, a lot of bullshit comes out as cushion for any insight and genuine heart-of-self that might be revealed, and that condition was understood from the beginning: along with the genius in our wider community of not-quite-ex/not-quite-ohs is a multitude of protective layer of ego and dogma; of noise and principle, of assumption and of flawed language, furious at the implication that it must be probed to be understood. That’s OK, as much as any of the troublesome nature of our world is to be called OK, it’s part of who we have been, and how we have expressed.

All that said, it’s boring now, because maybe we’ve gone as far as any of us wanted to go. One of our founding members has moved beyond interest in the conversation here, as a funner life beckoned where the wit was expresseable and the company close enough that trying to blog in a noise filled room of cheesy links and ironically repressive vulgarity became uncompelling, especially once the Twitter and Facebook Status update was given unto us, to let the impulse sound more immediately, without need for context, or consensus. And so, the chance to say just a few things here was all he needed.

Another founding member has tried to give up so many times, and the clamor of each dramtic farewell, combined with the unelaborated links and occasional disavowels of entire identities for fear of Who May Be Listening, and Who May Be Judged along with him, often prevented the depth of his insight from being expressed. He erased all his posts, psuedonym after psudonym, and tried to convince somebody that he was somebody, and not actually somebody. And in that noise, his genius is silenced, and a certain unconfrontational decadence tried to grow around him; alas, woe unto those who think their sacrifices will provide security, money, or love.

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All Things Must Pass

Comment by X Factor

This is Horrific news!

Comment by Narc

Verry well written !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Cannabis chassidus wrote it

Comment by X Factor

since yhosephus (yoseph leib) has lectured at chulent, strong displeasure was voiced by eminent thinkers

September 21, 2009

By: radloh
To the extent that one prominent philosopher has averred that he will no longer attend any lectures if the quality be that low. This can be verified by Issac and others.
We must eliminate yhosephus from any lectures at chulent so that we don’t become a venue for fagged out multicultural low brow bullshit. I can live without fucking Ecuador and your whole fucking torah comes down to one disputed biblical word. Scythians my ass.
So there’s to you yhosephus. I could have snag-written this piece as you did to me but I’m a real russian not some yeshiva of flatbush pot luck transvestite


Comment by BB


Comment by BB

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