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Nibiru 2012 – The End Of The World
August 30, 2009, 11:20 am
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This is all bull shit.

Comment by Fargo
2012 is definitely the end of world!!
Sounds interesting, huh?

Well this news or rumours going on about 2012 i cannot say reading all the proofs that they
are just rumours.But still we have got no strong evidence to proove it.

But recently what i found most scary was the arrival of planet ‘Nibiru’ into out solar system
which has made quite a panic.Nibiru enters the solar system once in every 3500 years.At the the time
of Noha it has appearead and it caused a massive flood that the water level was above even the great
himalaya mountains.Planet Nibiru is considered to be the 12th planet in our solar system and it
it acts itself as a sun and it has planets revolving around it.In May 15 2009 nibiru was seen
beside the sun in the southern parts of the world.It appeared as if a second glowing sun.By 2012
it will be visible all the time in the sky and earth will be in between the sun and the nibiru.
ie, earth will be in between two suns which will make something.

There is a whole video provided about the information about Nibiru.
It is available at

Comment by EventlessSpy

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