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big bang within
August 18, 2009, 8:41 am
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after i heard that then he became this and it wont help cry and it wont help smile and it wont help it just wont help, but one thing left and one thing only and that is to move on look ahead on your way in your heart, you fallow and fallow do not listen to those who say no to those who say yes you just hear them but you don’t listen to them, you listen to your to your heart to your only,

i am sure as much work we put in it, it will end up nice and beautiful and amazing work that no one will ever guess and understand but see such a good and beautiful diamonds, it is amazing to see this one watching and don’t take off her eyes not even for a half a second nor she listens to them nor she listen to him nor she listen to not even one but one thing for sure she looks where she looks she says what she say she sees what she sees and what it is it is,

so now its all good but be ready that your brain will just open up into a million pieces and it will fly, but stay connected all the way till the end and when it stops over there and it stays around we will watch and look and see how they are connected and the shape of the image, and here is what should look like if it is what i think,

two eyes from behind and three eyes laying down under the shows and plus from the two sides of your shoulder one eye in top of the right hand, two eyes on the left hand down more to the lower part,

We care so much for each other, but when you see your friend is in pain and takes some heroin or what ever the idea of taking the pain away, you are so loyal, even too loyal, as you really care for your friend not be a junky?!,

but what pleasure those he get out of that, out of this, out of the point that you see him in bloody pain when in the same time he takes that and the pain is over its gone for a day, but no. you want to see him struggle in his heart, struggle in his pain, because you are jealous, how come he has everything with out even moving his hot body, wile you are running around town all over the city, trying to get some work done trying to make some cash, loving the green paper so a lot,

what would it be to you if you just move on in thinking about your own money, and not to waist your time and running check if your friend is smelling that or sniffing this ot smoking dope,

you can accomplish so a lot even much more then you do now, if you wont look where you don belong, if you wont run when you don’t have to,

so here my friends my lovers you are there i am here you are here i am there, we care for each other, let them take that let him do this let your brain chill and relax and not having to deal with all this that wont bring you any cash,

i see our heads our brain in top its moving it growing very slow but very big, what will they do after they see us seating in our home seating in our space having a good time enjoying the air eating good food and so on, they wont like it, they wont enjoy our life stile, they wont be able to breath one breathe because they are having such a good time without drugs, yes they are very careful in what they taking in their mouth, they will only eat organic food, they will only drink good fresh vegetable soup also organic, and what they feel all day is so fresh full of good energy, they have the power to run from one city to another just to make sure their work is being made and their job is done for the day, and then they fall a sleep without any pill without any drug without even masturbating but for sure they have the must beautiful gay boys and girls that they can fuck anytime they wont because they love healthy men with a lot of money who can get them nice words to make them feel good,

This is our problem as we are so jealous on all of them, we are seating all day in door, in a little couch on a little pillow on the floor and no where to go no things to say no work to do just seating sniffing being a junky and think all day how to make the big deal, how to rob the bank how to hurt god, [because god hurt us] so of course we are living a miserable life and we are not worry about our friends we only want to make sure we having our drug, hey hey hey!!!! but wait a minute, do you really believe that those guys who work so hard running from town to town to get their work done and really care about us taking all this drugs, hey hey hey!!! do you really think they should care about this they should want to see us in blood full of pain and watch us die like a fucked up boy with no roof and with no drug just from pain pain pain,

i do not think they are the real once i do not think they are the good once,

we are here to live a life, we are here to enjoy every breathe we inhale every moment in day we enjoying our mind and having fun and so we want them to have a good time too, we wont bother them from doing their work we wont tell them how to get their work done and we will only watch them growing and doing their work and that it, and so we want them to be the same to us, let us be in our little room. let us breath in our little town, and let us be who we want to be,

Hello what are we doing here, they don’t want to leave me alone, and when i beg them to be with me, ho well! they wont even return my phone calls nor my emails not even my little face book page in that twitter fiver,

Coppa his name you have to say it COPPA like c o o p p a….

Now here comes 8 no he is a real ass hole don want no one to look at him nor talk to him nor giving him food and even money he don want to take and never stops yelling at the one he shouldn’t look or give food or what ever you want to call that, But when it comes to the end of time and he wont leave him alone he may be a real not men which not even a women is he and not even the devil so who could O be, 6 said he thinks he is god, when they stop their thoughts around them and saw that then there was no more looking no more listening no more no more just do their work and it kept on moving like never before,

ho god this is not a joke its a juke and what is that mean go look it up you know where in that dictionary and you know what a dictionary is go look it up in google and you can even go to the apple store and have them there for free even phone calls ho lord its funny honey NO ITS NOT,

here it stops flying and walks and to get better at this you have to do this long hand of typing and small legs of the other side of the river.

now who ever has the luck to not see the benefit of that then what do they see as a good income benefit, nothing yes nothing but being a whore to who ever they come into life they have to kill them and throw them in that river and should never be seeing again in this planet,

so now he feels that he is so not in control and what they want is what they do and to be into somebody that funny i don want that at all,

what are they thinking this is kind of a game no no no,

its a real world in a real life you don do that and you don do this you only there for the one you are always and never stop caring just like us,

ho yeah that will take a wile for sure for them to really see what a world they live in not in the same i live not in the one they can ever imagine but in that one where there is no end and there was so never end to non and to all,

Please be kind don’t hurt them because you don get it, hurt because you want to hurt and why because you hurt always and why because you want to hurt,

if you want to do good then you can just do good and if you don’t want to do good then you don’t have to do what you don’t want to but time will pay you a wonderful price that you will have to pay for a little wile and if you paid that price you get what that price get,

Jerusalem it started its moving on to the USA stopped in Europe in Ukraine in

Austria many other places [i have to go its to long to much]

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2 Responses to “ Big bang within ”
# 1 Yesod ben Yakov Lieb Says:
August 18th, 2009 at 5:19 am
ty for sharring arele roberts,i apreciate what you are sayin,,,,,,,love,,,,,,,yesod

# 2 LEAH KLEIM Says:
August 18th, 2009 at 5:35 am
wtf is wrong with you people ? Your “blog” if you can even define it as that has gotten so boring, but you are obviously trying so hard….to fuckn hard, harder than your dicks can get, if they even can.
so fucking what, someone gave food and money, yippy kayay, how many times have I done that for half of you ? my last buk !!!

get the fuck over yourselvs, or become something, instead of a bunch of pill popping junkies. How many more dead ones do we need ?

Quit your shit 7fatcow, you are far more than seven, you are a compulsive mutiple personality disorder….yeah you know who you are.

Now find the balls to post this. OUCH ! BIG BANG !

Leah Kleim


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those fux need more of a life savior than me … thats sad

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Welcome back! 🙂

Comment by F.F.B.

thank you ! im on my out going to 770 to learn. got some new ink too 😉 hey Im gonna need some help soon, raising $ for a sefer torah. I just left the soifers office. 35k ! ? is he nuts ?

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

35k is too much

In Eretz Yisroel you can pick a good one up for under 20 k

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

Sefer torahs are big biz!

Comment by Fargo

I found one for 12k, now i just need to raise it

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

We should do a post here to raise the ca$h.

Comment by lovelifelikeyourself

were starting a site, then we can do a post

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Comment by X Factor

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