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Rivka Devorah Kleim’s camp counselor remembers…
August 12, 2009, 8:55 am
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Rivka Devorah was one of my favorite campers, I had in Camp Emunah. Rivka Devorah was my camper but in truth she taught me more than I could ever teach her.
She was my role model as how to daven, looking in the whole time saying every word with such chayus. She was my best davener. She always wanted to be the best in everything.
Rivka Devorah knew how to be a leader and got the whole bunk to daven nicely and win shabbos and bentch nicely and do everything right.

I remember how lucky our bunk was to sit the closest toRabbi Hecht and how much nachas he had watching our bunk sing and bentch. That was all because of Rivka devorah.
Rivka Devorah was such fun and made me feel so special. She had such respect for her counselors.

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Leah Kleim

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