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Leah Kleim Survives a horrible car accident Part IV
July 4, 2009, 4:08 pm
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I tried to write this many times and couldn’t. This is my therapy, it has to happen…You choose to be a part of it.

Benjamin (Benny) Pollak the driver, was fine, his red convertible, just fine too. After I was “ejected” he came to a screeching halt and picked me up off

the ground. I wanted to go home and sleep away the pain. He had other ideas.

After I threw a fit a team of EMT’s NYPD’S and FDNY’S talked me into letting them drive my blood soaked body away on a gurney with blaring sirens.

I was in unbearable pain and just wanted to sleep, the ambulance pulled up to NYHQ [hospital] and The A Team aka trauma team approached the blood covered

gurney and stared at me in disbelief as the NYPD and company explained what had just happened to me.

A surgical team and plastic surgery crew began project numero uno… put Leah Kleim back together.They disinfected my face before they held me down while I

kicked and screamed like a child who was denied candy and they injected my nose with a mega dose of something to numb it so they could put it back where it

belonged and sew my botched up swollen face back together.

It took four people to hold my nose in place and sew it back onto my face, another few to hold me down. They couldn’t put me in the usual fifty point strap

down they like to use on me during my ER tantrums because the road rash and open wounds that graced my body were far to many to bloody and to painful.

Two stitches in my fractured nose was the original plan, fourteen stitches later they started on project number two. A few members of The A team distracted

me and held me down to calm me while some bitch with a staple gun attacked my arm as the doctors asked me if I was shot. It looked like a bullet wound. They

were questioning the driver, they thought he shot me and pulled the bullet out of me. NYPD stayed right beside me while they questioned Benjamin Pollak, with

accusations, and suspicions of why he was so persistent on standing by me.Later that would come to light.

After The A team finished sewing me and stapling me the fun begun. The repetitive questions. What happened ? The door flew open while the car was drag

racing time on the BQE and I flew out and hit the concrete. They didn’t believe me. Did someone hurt you ? No I like it rough was my answer. Did someone shoot

you ? No I flew out of a freaking car and the impact of my skin on concrete blew a freaking hole in me. “Your safe here and can tell us the truth Leah” …

OK, I was dancing topless on a bar, then I got into a car and fell out, and yes…I like it rough.
Tell em the truth and suddenly they dont believe you, but I kept them laughing.

I had enough, I wanted to inhale my favorite bad habit, but they had some insane idea of no smoking in hospitals because of oxygen and other crappy

reasons…I was out, going home, at least that was my idea, but it wasn’t theirs.

The A team finally realized I wasn’t beat up and shot, I was really “ejected” from a car flying down the BQE and it was a miracle that I was breathing on my

own and never lost consciousness. A Marlboro was not an option they were gonna supply. Some bitch nurse stuck a nicotine patch on my arm after yet another

temper tantrum and then they ran a line in my inked up arm and called the morphine man.

After the morphine man injected me with his poisonous sedation I started to zone out, home and my bed weren’t such a big concern to me anymore, heck I was

already laying in a bed, I figured I’d sleep it off, spend the night and head home in the morning.
I wasn’t gonna argue with them anymore at that point, they said stay, I said OK.

And then the series of cat scans, X-rays and body scans began.
One was not enough. Two didn’t satisfy them, they went for a
chazoka and still were amazed. no breaks, no blackout, No
unconsciousness, no life support. How could it be… were the
question they were asking me.Just a fractured nose and you went
skidding across the BQE ? “yes” was my trauma inflicted mentally
incapacitated answer.

I winded up staying in the hospital for far too many not enough
days. I was out like a light. I would wake up screaming and the
morphine people would come and shut me up. For the first 48 hrs
I layed in bed and woke up to the pain when the morphine wore off
or some team of smart idiots decided to poke and prod at me. I didn’t
eat, I didn’t use the bathroom. Benjamin Pollak stayed by my bedside.

When nature made its final call I got up to use the bathroom.
I was terrified of the mirror that faced me as I walked into the bathroom.
I quickly turned away from it. After I emptied out my over-sized bladder
I decided I had to face reality, and face me. I looked in the mirror and
was shocked and pleasantly surprised. I knew the swelling and bruising
would vanish and I would be pretty again. The surgeon did a great job
on my nose and the hairline scar will build character. I went back to

My family was called and given vague information, because the driver
was worried about criminal prosecution…that’s why he stayed with me.
Benjamin Pollak kept everyone close to me far from me. My family didn’t
think anything of the fact that I was in the hospital, they have gotten
to many bogus hospital calls about me. The general of my army confirmed
that I was really there.

I woke up screaming in pain and my brother was standing there. Even through
the morphine I can remember the intense confusion and shock on his face.
I told him to take pictures of me. I will never forget it but I want to
regret it. My little brother took a picture of me before I fell back into my
comforting morphine haze. Later on, I found out he took some more.

I was released that day. The A Team pulled my morphine drip and sent me home
with less than a band aid let alone a Tylenol. I went home and layed in bed
until I couldn’t take it anymore. I called the DR who was the head jerk of The
A Team and asked him how he dare put me on morphine for my pain and then send
me home with nothing for it. DR Jerk wrote out a prescription for Percocet
and also said I needed an antibiotic and prescribed Augmentin. I told
him I would send someone to pick up the scrips…He was scared of a lawsuit.

I got my scripts and started taking them. I had a doctor show up at my house
and he prescribed me more and then team Leah Kleim took over.They fed me, they
bathed me, they nurtured me. On Friday afternoon Hatzala was called, it was erev
Shabbos and we needed to change the bandages on the road rash. The pain was
more intense than anything I have ever felt. Hatzala took my shirt off and started
rubbing medical junk all over me and when I started shaking from pain they insisted
I let them take me in. I threw yet another fit. i popped a percocet and chased it
with the Angels whisky.

They put me on a gurney in the Hatzala mobile and helped me take my shirt off.
Hatzala pulled me into Methodist hospital topless and screaming with an angel by
my side. I actually cried. She says I didn’t. The pain was unbearable and those
careless medically employed jerks didn’t give a damn. I called 911 from room 31 in
Methodist hospital and told them I needed an ambulance, and then the angel found
a doctor.

This Doctor was a gem. The Angel found him in the hallway and told him he was needed
in rm 31 and he graciously came in to examine me. After he saw my condition he excused
himself politely and then came back with a bulk amount of painful creams and bandages.
I was shaking, I was hurting, I was kicking, I was screaming. DR Gem told me that it was
going to hurt to change my bandages and redress me and that he was going to do it himself
not have some PMS’d out nurse do it. I asked for pain meds. I got the choice, pill or shot.
PILL ! “OK, the strongest pill I have is Percocet” i said screw that I popped two of those
before I came here, bring on the needle.

The morphine man walked in the door and asked butt or arm, I opted for arm. I squeezed
the angel and yelled like hell when he injected me with his powerful form of shut the heck
up into my arm, and then I was smiling while DR Gem watched me clean myself up before he
re-bandaged me.The Angel asked the good doc to send us home with some supplies because shabbos
was coming and we couldn’t get them in time. DR Gem sent me home with a few hundred bux worth of fix me up.
When we walked out of the room after he was done fixing me and went to the administration desk to
tell them we couldn’t wait to sign out because shabbos was 20 mins away they told us we had to
wait. DR Gem told us to jet. We thanked him and got in a cab before shabbos, we paid him right
away and explained to him that we couldn’t touch money on shabbos so we had to pay him right away.

I drove down the BQE and the LIE and the Union Turnpike a few times since three weeks ago when
I was “ejected” in queens. Every time , I was asked if I was OK and I smiled and lied. Yes I’m fine.
The physical impact hit me three weeks ago, he emotional trauma hits me every day now and I fall
asleep with flashbacks and wake up to cold dehydrating sweats and vicious nightmares. I am emotionally
being tortured by my own memories and there manipulating my subconscious into doing things that I
shouldn’t have the craving to do. Hi my name is Leah Kleim and I am …one that finds a way to escape
and mask my pain and unbearable reality.

Some say I’m lucky. Lucky to be alive. Am I ? Or just tormented by my tragic history…

I’m a drinker, so the glass is always half full, sometimes the cup runneth over. I found out who my
friends were and I eliminated Benjamin Pollak.

Benjamin Pollak wanted me, he wanted to pull my pants off of me, and that’s all he wanted from me.
Benjamin Pollak stood by my side while amazed doctors came in and got kicked and bit by me so they
could try and re-evaluate me and stay in shock over the miracle of me. Benjamin Pollak did that to
keep my army and friends away from me. Benjamin Pollak was scared that I would tell the truth about what
happened to me. Benjamin Pollak held me captive from the ones who truly care about me so that I wouldn’t
tell the authorities what really happened to me. Yes I was “ejected” from a car.

Benjamin Pollak wouldn’t give me his insurance information to cover my excessive medical bills.
Benjamin Pollak made sure I was checked into the hospital under an alias. Benjamin Pollak was
the reason why I was “ejected” from a speeding car.

Leah Kleim

Comment by Leah Kleim

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This is one of the most honest posts on the blog. Great Work!

Comment by Michael

Thank you. It was written through a cold sweat.

Comment by Leah Kleim

A sweet cold sweat

Comment by X Factor

just as sweet as me,

Comment by Leah Kleim

Send us a picture of your recovery.

Comment by black

will do.

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Hope you are OK

Comment by BB

Leah Kleim Hurt In Car Accident
Leah emails: I did a three day stunt on a morphine drip in the hospital
had my nose reconstucted and sewn back together .
have a few staples in my arm, I was “ejected” from a car
flying down the BQE, a few CT scans later nothing broken
doc’s in shock Im sewn back together and home sweet home.

Comment by leah kleim

Love the moral leader.

Comment by X Factor

hes funny

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Hes got bone disease.

Comment by DT

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