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Michael Jackson’s Death was a Suicide…
June 28, 2009, 9:36 am
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Friday, March 11, 2005


Insiders Fear Jackson Will Commit Suicide

Michael Jackson ‘s close friends now really fear that he will commit suicide. I am not kidding.

The scene yesterday morning at the courthouse in Santa Maria has convinced people who ordinarily do not say these things that Jackson is in serious mental trouble.

One thing is for sure: The combined pressures of his financial peril and seeing his accuser on the stand have undone Jackson.

My insider says: “He does not have back trouble,” as Jackson claimed. “He’s making it up. But he’s definitely in pain. He’s creating it.”


A meeting took place at Neverland concerning the dire financial picture. Staffers have not been paid in two weeks. Some have walked off the job. Others are holding on for the moment, but as one said to me yesterday: “When does loyalty become stupidity?”

Another Jackson source put the dilemma succinctly: “Michael is most terrified of people thinking he’s broke. And now there’s proof of it.”


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“Some sources reported the musician had overdosed on sleeping pills, most news sources did not comment on the matter.”

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“According to various sources, Michael Jackson was reported dead at 2:35 PST this afternoon after he went into cardiac arrest after allegedly consuming more than two dozen sleeping pills.”

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It was a suicide, his stomach was full of pills.

Michael Jackson active in rehearsal video two days before death

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