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cannibalism part XV ‘Early Europeans had a love for children Meat’
June 25, 2009, 2:05 pm
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TELEGRAPH : Co-directors of the Atapuerca project, Jose Maria Bermudez de Castroa (UNESCO World Heritage Site) , said: The remains discovered in the caves “appeared scattered, broken, fragmented, mixed with other animals such as horses, deer, rhinoceroses, all kinds of animals caught in hunting” and eaten by humans, he explained.

“This gives us an idea of cannibalism as a type gastronomy, and not as a ritual,” he said.

The remains are thought to belong to Homo antecessor, named after the Latin word for pioneer or explorer because they are the first humans who reached Europe after a long migration from Africa.

They spread through the Middle East, northern Italy and France before settling in the Atapuerca region in Spain, a fertile site at the confluence of two rivers which was heavily forested and provided an abundance of wild animals.


Scientists believe the abundance of good hunting meant the early Europeans did not need to resort to eating each other but did anyway.

“They did not practice cannibalism through a lack of food,” explained Dr de Castro. “They killed their rivals and used the meat.”

His team has determined that the practice continued through generations and that the majority of the victims were children or adolescents.

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You are what you eat !

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you eat what you are.

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Cool site. Keep up the great work!

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