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Korach, Jethro, Midian porn, and “THE SACRED LIE”
June 24, 2009, 1:19 pm
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Korach’s acceptance of Moshe’s terms for the shootout at the o.k. coral contrasted by Datan and Aviram refusal shows that there was no rebellion-rather just a pathetic belief that God should back the people who care about social justice -a belief that even back then must of seemed a pipe-dream. It was God who was insisting on hierarchy. His failed plan for shevie/yoval social justice-humanly impossible-complicates how we’re shown God in this autobiography gone wrong. The Torah clearly had a nervous breakdown over Jethro. Invert the letter Nun to protect from total chaos of the soul. This happens anyways. She [Torah] comes out in a 3piece suit only to do a bizarre striptease [Bnot Midian] in front of our eyes which we proceed to deny to ourselves and this self denial becomes Yiddishkeit .Thus Josh Laufer’s concept of the SACRED LIE where we agree that Jud ism is what ever we want it to be. Regardless of what’s written -and what the crushing effect is on all our lives. This brings me to my main point that the greatness of the Chulent movement is to bring to conscience 3000 years of toxic Judaism -poisoning the world instead of fixing it. A task greater than any man could carry, rather it would destroy anyone who tried. Thus Korach-ourselves-rebelling yet clinging to that which destroys him[ourselves]that sweet slightly decaying smell of the incense connecting ourselves to the chaos above where God is unable as well to fix it. Yet this noble effort; unable to be talked about, is what the Torah unashamed is proclaiming-unable to be heard- the inner whispering crying out to be heard.

by Yaqov Sack


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A little confusing but ausome.

Comment by Edie

US swine flu cases may have hit 1 million

Just like at the end of korach

Comment by F.F.B.

Midian porn sounds sexy with lots of golden showers and shiting on each other. lol

Comment by Marko

When I Am Through With You

there wont be anything left,,,

Comment by X Factor

what i meant was what i mean is that the sh ere impossibility of life makes this into heroics all of us heros all of us tumors in gods body.

Comment by yaqov sack

We are cancer in G-ds body? Huh, interesting.

Comment by X Factor

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