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Best Chulent Article EVER !!!
May 20, 2009, 1:14 pm
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 There is a story there…


Finally I found a Twersky who knows what I am talking about with the Twerskys. “If I go to Skver they sit me at the head table with all the Chernobyler einiklach, me but not the Dayan, this is a joke” – say Luzer Twersky from Boro Park. Luzer goes around with his own production crew, a photographer and an audio man who are doing a story about him for the NPR.


have to admit I am a little annoyed by the musical portion of the event. I can’t help it but see a vision of a few Russians who gather from a May Day picnic and start belching out songs of their youth with eyes closed shower style after a few shots of “vodka”.


I understand the unspoken Chulent code of ethics and you know that damn well. I’m the first to roll a camera and not publish the pictures, out of some twisted sort of respect for the gang of lost idiots that flock to Chulent. I am a moron, thats why I fit in and get away with the shit I pull there.

Let’s wake up to the stink of reality though…
The first time I went to Chulent, HSD stuck a sign to my back with masking tape saying “I AM LEAH KLEIM” The New York Times was there that week and the cameras were rolling !
Thats far from some Yoiely mit a cell cam. Thats public fucking info big time.

Amongst “ourselvs” we might all understand and respect that “Chulent code of ethics” and not publish the hours of drunken stuper that we call footage. Personaly, I just take it because to me life is memories and history that you can laugh at later. The ones who know me are not scared of my camera, The ones who know “Leah Kleim” tremmor in fear when I start rollin… How many pictures do I have of you ? HSD ? Radloh ? and the list goes on.
And there safe and sound away from the real world.

Chulent is not a little shitty chimney anymore, hell I found out about it because sevenfatcow posted an invatation to me ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB ! Good way to keep somethin’ up in the smoke and tucked away in the chimney…Tell the world your inviting Leah Kleim and then have the New York Times there…Were thinkers ! Um no, were drinkers!!!

You think I wanted footage of my purim episode ? Hell freakin no ! Hell I didnt even know what my purim episode was ! I woke up restrained in a fuckin’ hospital and had no clue as to how I got there. Someone sent me the footage though, and its fuckin’ sickening ! I can destroy “a few good men” with the footage I have…I just have to be in the crossfire.

I hope they dont piss me off, actually I dont care, one day they will be an example of Chulent low-lives, how low can ya fkn go ?

We opened our own door.

I only say what I have to say because I talk from expierience and have had permission to publish his pictures and others have too.

Leah Kleim !!!

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You have more pictures of me than I have.
Leah Kleim

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Google image 🙂

Comment by X faxtor

try photobucket

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Why is photobucket better?

Comment by X factor

i duno

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Photobucket is a place to store your pics online, I think.

Comment by simon

its a bucked of photos 😉

Comment by LEAH KLEIM


Comment by LEAH KLEIM

They should cal it thf **kit bucket

Comment by X factor

Fuck the bucket

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

fuck it bucket:
A bucket usually filled with sweet substances for consumption when life gets you down.

A term coined by David Sedaris while talking about his brother in his short story “You can’t kill the rooster.”
“Sometimes, you just need to say ‘fuck it.’ and eat some motherfucking candy.” *said while reaching into the fuck it bucket*
fuck it david sedaris bucket candy
by Konatajihad Dec 4, 2008 share this
2. fuck it bucket 3 up, 3 down
A car or truck that is driven without regard to keeping it in good condition. Usually beat up to begin with.
I don’t care what the hell this car looks like, it’s a fuck it bucket

Comment by Mark

Fuck it, it’s just a bucket !

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Bucket, its just a fuckit

Comment by Friend

Dont kick the fuckn bucket

Comment by LEAH KLEIM

Bucket! Now that a good name for a blog! Thanx for removing the block from your web site Leah.

Comment by Gee

I didnt remove the block, Google gave it to me. I cant do anything about it exept make them keep it there and keep getting flagged. I did start a new blog though, called “the casino” because I win, I dont gamble, I only strike the big bad 21 ! 😉

Comment by Leah Kleim the High priestes Of Sevenfatcow

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