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don’t get caught with drugs in Malaysia
March 29, 2009, 1:25 pm
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“Within moments of the first blow being struck by the cane-wielding official, the skin on his buttocks breaks and the raw wound begins to open.

Lash after lash after lash follows until his flesh is reduced to a bloody mess. With each blow, the body flinches and there is a cry.




Taken from and read more:

The six-minute clip, entitled Malaysian Caning Judicial Corporal Punishment, was posted on, an international video-sharing site.



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im gunna say what no one else had the balls to say…You fuckers that inflict shit like that on others in the name of law are a bunch of sick douchebags. I dare you to show up at my door and try that and I’ll bite your balls off and spit them in your fucking hairy cunt bag faces.

Comment by Mark

Wasn’t he caned for raping a woman?

Comment by Jean-Claude Delarue

I dont think so.

Comment by X Factor

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