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Philippine maids Victims in Jordan for rape and abuse
January 31, 2008, 10:59 pm
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An announcement has been pinned to the door of a refuge for Philippine maids in the Jordanian capital. It blandly states that the “deployment of Filipino household workers is hereby temporarily suspended”.

Inside, the reality of life for many Philippine domestic workers in Jordan soon becomes clear.

There are more than 150 women here who have fled their jobs.

“I was maltreated by my employer,” said one, who like all the women that we met did not want to be named.

“My boss pulled me by my hair, she slapped me, she beat me, she pulled me crudely by my clothes and tried to put her slipper on my mouth.”

Stories of physical abuse are common and some of the former maids say they have been raped.


Most of the women in the refuge have not been paid for months.

One girl, who came to Jordan when she was 19, says she is owed four years’ salary.

Poor conditions

The maids travelled to Jordan with high hopes after recruitment drives by agents in the Philippines. They were promised good pay and a safe working environment.

I was allowed to take a bath once a week. I was only allowed to sleep by the washing machine
Philippine maid

Things began to go wrong for one of the maids when she landed in Jordan.

“[In the Philippines, the agents] told everyone that Jordan is a good country and that the employers are very good.

“So I was surprised when the agency manager fetched me at the airport. He told me my salary would be $150 (£75) a month and that I would not be paid for my first three months here.”

When the woman arrived at her new workplace she was made to clean several houses and to nurse two children.

“I was made to work more than an animal can,” the former maid said.

“I started at 06:00 and finally stopped at midnight. I was only allowed to eat once a day at 12:00.

“I was only allowed to take a bath once a week, on Fridays. I was only allowed to sleep by the washing machine.”

The Philippine government has become so concerned about the plight of some of the domestic workers in Jordan that it has announced that new workers would not be allowed to travel to the country.

“I received an order to stop the deployment of overseas Philippine workers to Jordan because of the growing number of Filipinos in distress there,” Rosalinda Bladoz, the head of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration told a news conference in Manila.

Legal limbo


According to Jordanian government statistics, there are 70,000 foreign domestic workers in the country, 15,000 of them come from the Philippines.

The ban does not apply to workers returning to employers of “good standing” in Jordan.

Jordan is the fifth country to be put on to the banned list – the others are Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Nigeria.

Many are stuck and can only wait for their embassy to try to resolve their cases. In the meantime they daydream about home and better times.

“All I want is to go back to my country and to return to my work,” said one.

“I keep on praying. I keep on asking the Lord, please let me go back to the Philippines.” I cant take the rape and abuse anymore!!! 

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I to am a slave, I am locked in my house,!!!!!!Chained to my bed!!!!!, I work from my house!!!! ,,, My husband picks up my paychecks with out my knowledge.

Comment by SOB

What exactly is impalement?

Comment by X Factor

Well those Philippines love Israel.

Comment by X Factor

Husband Slavery!!!!!!

Comment by SOB

wife slavery is worse

Comment by X Factor

Child Slavery

Comment by SOB

Husband abuse

Comment by X Factor

Emtional Abuse!!!!!!

Comment by SOB

huh ??? Whats Emtional?

Oh Emotional

Comment by X Factor

I wanna work in Jordan as a maid. NOT!

Comment by X Factor

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